Saturday 7 March 2015

Project 365 - Week 10

I've been busy taking photos again to join in with Project 365....Here is my effort for this week!

59/365. 28th February 2015

My girls had fun designing their own t-shirts....

60/365. 1st March 2015

On Sunday Ellie got her glad rags on and went to her little friends birthday party....

 61/365. 2nd March 2015

I'm addicted to Pot Noodles lately...Eek!

62/365. 3rd March 2015

It snowed.....Ugh! I am past wanting snow now it was just an inconvenience....

63/365. 4th March 2015

Ellie has been in trouble at school and on Wednesday and Thursday she was sent home with extra work to do that she hadn't in class.....The writing on the left is an hour and half's work at school....The writing on the left is what she did in 20 minutes at home....There is no issue at school she just hates writing unless someone is sat over her and obviously her teacher can't do that! Yesterday she wouldn't work again and ended up having half an hours detention after school....We are hoping that has done the trick!

64/365. 5th March 2015

Becky was very pleased with the book she got from school for World Book Day!

65/365. 6th March 2015

A breakfast of waffles and ice-cream for the princess! Ellie's school dressed up Friday for World Book Day!


  1. aw, we've had next to no snow this year, it's been disappointing (again!) - our two year old sledge is very underused. As in, it looks after toy storage right now!! Awww and I've not had a Pot Noodle in years! But I could still taste it when I saw your picture :-)

  2. Looks like a fun filled week indeed ... Popping by from #365

  3. love the home designed t-shirts, and very pretty for the party.
    Oh dear at not doing her work at school, not sure how I feel about the work being sent home as that in some respects is just reinforcing that if she does not work well at school that she can take it home, personally I feel this should be done at say lunch time. Hope the detention does work. My youngest son went through a few phases of being a nightmare at school

  4. A breakfast of waffles and ice cream sounds perfect! I guess we won't see snow now until the next winter. Hope Ellie changes her aversion to writing in school

  5. Oh dear about school work, but hopefully detention will have done the job.
    I wouldn't mind having waffles and ice cream for breakfast.

  6. I can see Cinderella behind the waffles. :) Love the snowy back pack photo! x

  7. Awww the love tshirts, disney princess are fab!
    Looks like you have had a great week, and a little be jealous of the snow!

  8. Ah your little girls looks so cute all ready to go out!

  9. Great photos from the week, I hope Ellie has stayed out of trouble this week.

  10. You can't beat waffles and ice cream for breakfast! ;) #project365