Thursday 3 December 2015

Another Minecraft Wishlist!

Earlier in the year my girls and I made a Minecraft Wishlist.....Since then my girls have became more obsessed and I think Minecraft has became more popular so there is a lot more out there to buy. They have actually got most of the items on our original list so it was time to come up with some new ideas. 

 Minecraft Creeper Plush with Sound - £26.40 - Debenhams
LEGO Minecraft - Ender Dragon - £54.97 - Asda 
Minecraft 2 in 1 Sword and Pickaxe - £29.99 - Toys R US 
Minecraft: Story Mode - £23.99 - Smyths Toys 

 Stampy's Lovely Book - £3.85 - Amazon
Minecraft Ender Dragon Hoodie - £11.99 - Argos
Minecraft Hostile Mobs Pack - £24.99 - Smyths Toys 
 Green & Brown Pixels Design Bedding set - £14.97 + £4.95 UK delivery - Amazon 

Minecraft 7" Plush Toy Ocelot - £7.99 - John Lewis 
Minecraft 7 Color Change Digital Alarm Clock - £8.00 - Light in the box 
Minecraft Light Up Torch - £24.99 - Toys R Us 
Minecraft Creeper Wall Sticker - £9.99 - Vinyls-Direct 

 Minecraft Girls' All Mine T-Shirt - £8.99 - Argos
Minecraft: Mega Colouring Book - £4.99 - Amazon 
LEGO Minecraft The Snow Hideout - £34.63 - Tesco 
Minecraft Spider and Jockey Set - £15.00 - Boots 

Do you have a Minecraft fan in your house?


  1. The minecraft fan in our house is me, haha! I can't wait until the wee man is old enough, my grand plan is to present him with a minecraft chest with the guidebooks in it and go on adventures. The amount of merchandise you can get now is crazy, thanks for the fantastic list :)

  2. Yes, we have a Minecraft addict, we already have a few of these things, I wasn't going to buy Story Mode though but I didn't realise games were so cheap at Smyths! I accidently ordered two copies of Stampy's Lovely book, now I have to get another or there will be arguments!

    1. hahaha! I ordered my eldest the book and then had to order another for my youngest...Just to save the arguments x

  3. Thanks for the ideas above. I am going to have a look into some of the Bedroom accessories as I think they will go down well with my two Minecraft addicts!