Tuesday 29 December 2015

We had the best Christmas....

We really did.....It was stress free and the girls got everything they wanted and more....On Christmas eve they did not go to sleep until very late....Well after 11pm. Grr! Which meant Stu & I couldn't sort the presents out until they were sound asleep.....We got to bed at about 2.30am.....Thankfully the girls didn't get up until just after 9am so it wasn't too bad!

I was the meany when we came downstairs and made them eat some breakfast before they even touched their presents!

They wolfed their breakfast and got on with opening their presents....There was a lot of screeching and oh my gods....lol

When all the presents were open we had a tidy up then I sprung the big surprise on them.....The XBox!! I shared the photos from them opening it on My Sunday Photo post....To say they were happy would be a total understatement....lol 

I got on with cooking lunch....Drank wine....The kids played....I was attacked by the kids and Stu with Nerf guns (I new buying them was a bad idea).....

 We didn't get dressed and stayed in our pj's all day.....Becky changed her's 3 times....She couldn't decide which one's she loved the best....Ellie was a little challenging....I think the over-excitement got to her.....Even with that we had the best Christmas.....Everything went to plan. I really can't believe how everything worked out so well....It was so stress free....I did forget to make the trifle though. Oops. Nobody noticed though.

In the early hours of Boxing day I bought my Christmas present.....I'm getting a new laptop. I have needed one for over a year.....The one I am using overheats....The screen flickers unless I wedge cardboard between the keyboard and the screen and that doesn't always work....One of the USB ports doesn't work and the number keys at the side haven't worked for months....My new laptop is arriving sometime today! Eek! I am so excited!

I'm still trying to catch up with the tidying up but it isn't happening.....As soon as I put something away 3 more things are brought out....I give up. lol We will live in the mess....Well at least until the kids go back to school......


  1. Happy to hear that Christmas was brilliant. Wishing you a Happy New Year Kim, here's to lots of fabulous blogging with your new laptop x

    1. Thank you! I am loving my new laptop! heheheh
      Happy new year and all the best for 2016 x