Wednesday 16 December 2015

Christmas Foodie Creations from Tesco!

My girls and I love Christmas and as I was doing the online grocery shop with Tesco over the last few weeks I have seen a few things which have caught my eye...Bought them and tried them out.

A few weeks ago I bought a Gingerbread House from Tesco....It was only £4 and it looked so cute...The girls have been asking for one so I thought why not.

There is everything you need to create a magical fairy tale home. In 6 Easy steps you can build your house......The kit contains: Gingerbread House Pieces, Easy Build Tray, Squeezy White Icing, Candy and Jelly Sweets.

It was easy enough to put together and the icing is sticky enough to stick the house together....I was worried it wouldn't be but had no problems.....

I think it looks fantastic....Yes there are better and prettier ones on Pinterest but we made it and we love it.....hehehe

We also tried out the Christmas Star Biscuit Kit....In the tub you get shortbread dough with red, white and black icing pens and a star shaped cutter....All for £2!

The dough was supposed to be ready to roll after a few minutes kneading straight from the tub but when we got it out of the tub and it turned into the consistency of breadcrumbs.....I had to add water to get it to stick together and then it took a good 10 minutes to get it ready to roll.....

We got it rolled and popped the stars in the oven....They came out really well in the end....When they had cooled we started to decorate them....It was so hard to squeeze the icing out of the tubes....We improvised and instead of making the Santa's we went freestyle....

Even with the faff we had I would buy the kit again with it being only £2....The shortbread was very tasty and we had a great time making them....


  1. My eldest always gets a gingerbread house before christmas but she normally makes it then does not eat it as she does not like gingerbread. I bet you had a lovely time baking with your girls xx

  2. My eldest has been asking if he can bake stuff at home, I really ought to let him! I'm not sure he'd like the gingerbread house though, perhaps a bit too girly for him. Those stars look fun though, I'll have to have a look for them. :)

  3. freestyle sounds good to me. We struggle with the tubes as well, find them hard to squeeze.
    You have summed the house up, it is yours and you love it

  4. Love the gingerbread house! I'm definitely going to do one next year when my daughter will be able to contribute something more than baby slobber to the process ;) #pocolo

  5. Woweeee! It looks really good! We're going to attempt to make one today! Eeeek #PoCoLo x