Friday 11 December 2015

We have the Christmas Spirit - #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:

I know it is two words but I can't go having Christmas as my word every week throughout December can I....hehehe

Ellie had her school play yesterday! Twice! I went to see it with Stu in the morning and then again on the afternoon so she could get out of school a little earlier....hehehe

She's been watching YouTube videos of Christmas songs from other countries and singing and signing along to them.....I thought she just liked them. I didn't realise she would be singing them at school....

The performance was all about Santa and how he is celebrated around the world....It was absolutely brilliant!! Ellie's class sung Christmas in Austrialia....The had to wear summer clothes and do actions....They were so good! The rest of the classes were too of course....

It was my absolute highlight of the week....I couldn't have been prouder......This afternoon we have the carol concert at the church....

In other news....Becky's school must be feeling the Christmas spirit For months the PE teacher has been nagging some of the kids to get their parents to buy an official PE hoodie top for outdoor PE.....When she was in Year 7 she had a black hoodie which was fine and I refuse to pay for a nearly identical top which has the school logo on....Anyway on Wednesday they gave everyone without a school hoodie one free of charge to keep....Get in! I do feel bad for all those parents who gave in and bought one though.....

We're definitely feeling the Christmas spirit here....All the decorations are up and I can't believe the girls only have 4 more full days at school....Eek! I am excited!!
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  1. You do sound excited! I can't wait for my girl to finish school either, and we've her carol concert next week that I'm looking forward to. So much going on at this time of year! Well done holding out on the PE top, though yes, I bet the other parents are frustrated! Thanks for sharing with #WotW x