Sunday 13 December 2015

Graze Christmas Pudding - Review!!

Christmas puddings is one of those thing you either love or hate.....I love it and my fella hates it....It has to be something special for my fella to even consider giving it a try....When I was sent a Champagne Christmas pudding by the people who make the Graze boxes he was interested....

Using only the finest ingredients, the delicious dessert is infused with champagne, delectable Belgian white chocolate sauce and fruity freeze dried raspberries - to pack an extra punch. A feast for both the tastebuds and eyes, the bubbly injected dessert it is an ideal (but very temporary) centre piece for your dinner table and a real crowd pleaser, serving up to ten people.

Last night after the kids had gone to bed Stu and I gave this a try (Shh! Don't tell them, they love Christmas pudding) Just reading about this pudding it sounded amazing....It contains Marc de Champagne and French Brut Champagne (12% ABV) using Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay grapes.

To Cook:

To microwave: Remove from the muslin bag and loosen the lid of the plastic pot. Cook on full power for 3 minutes.

To steam or boil: Loosen the lid on the plastic pot but leave the pud in its muslin bag. Place the pudding in a steamer or half submerge in a saucepan of simmering water. Cook for 1 hour 20 minutes. Do not let the water run out or the pud boil dry.

Heat the white chocolate for 10-30 seconds in the microwave or until the sauce is a pourable consistency. Pour the chocolate onto your cooked pudding, allowing it to drizzle down the sides. Sprinkle the raspberry pieces on top....

It was so simple to make and when I had prepared it, it looked fantastic!! It smelt pretty amazing too....I could imagine impressing people with this on Christmas day!!

This tasted quite delicious....It was such a treat....Stu tried it and ate quite a bit....He still isn't keen on Christmas pudding but would eat this again just to join in with the festivities....He said it was a lot better than other Christmas puddings he had tried....It isn't as heavy and stodgy as other puddings....

This pudding is designed to serve 5 people and can be ordered from Graze for £10 including delivery...I would say it is well worth the price. It is something special....

I was sent this free of charge for my honest review! This is it. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. I didn't know that Graze did puddings like this, it looks absolutely delicious, but then I'm a big fan of Christmas pudding (or any kind of pudding really!)

  2. As the comments above, I was unaware they did puddings too.
    Looks amazing though! the Belgian white chocolate sauce sold it for me ;) x

  3. mmmmm, I love a good Christmas pudding, I do like the snacks Graze offer so I'll have to give this a try. #triedtested

  4. looks lovely, never knew Graze did Christmas puddings! will have to order myself one #TriedTested

  5. That looks amazing ! I am not normally a fan of Christmas pudding but my other half loves it #triedtested xx

  6. This looks nice. I don't mind Christmas pudding but having it with white chocolate and raspberries sounds really tempting #triedtested

  7. We had no idea that Graze did larger items! We just thought it was the graze boxes?!? It looks delicious and my mummy loves Christmas Pudding....might just have to order this! #TriedTested x

  8. This is brilliant value for £10 gt looks amazing. And like Baby isaBella I never knew Graze did puddings. This is a great review and I may just have to go get one!

  9. That looks fablulous! Would love to have one of these on our table this Christmas day!

  10. I can't say I'm a massive fan of Christmas Pudding as a rule but wow - this looks incredible!
    Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested over the course of this year! Have a wonderful Christmas x