Saturday 12 December 2015

Project 365 - Week 50

It has been a fun filled festive week here.....The decorations are up....I saw Ellie's Christmas play twice and we went to the carol concert yesterday at the church...

Here are my weeks photos for Project 365! A photo every day for a year....

339/365 5th December 2015
 Little Miss Baubles for earrings and she wrapped everything in tinsel....

340/365 6th December 2015
A Sunday delivery! I love the run up to Christmas! We were sent some Imprify fridge magnets to review!

341/365 7th December 2015
Our camouflaged elf...She was in such an obvious place but the girls took ages to find her....hehehe

342/365 8th December 2015
Her favourite place to watch TV.....hehehe

343/365 9th December 2015
The best thing about Christmas: the food! Cake!!
344/365 10th December 2015
Poor Becky is full of cold and was really feeling it on Thursday....Even with the heating, hoodie and a blanket on she was freezing....She is slightly better now!

345/365 11th December 2015
I got my Christmas TV guide and have started to plan what we're watching over Christmas....So many films!


  1. Oh I love Christmas food, but my diet certainly does not so it is being put to one side over the next couple of weeks! The magnets look great. What is it with children and standing right in front of the television? The twins do it and so did Joseph up until a few years ago lol. Hope you have a lovely week xx

  2. I've just bought my Christmas guide too, can't have Christmas without circling pages can you! Hope you like your magnets, love ours #365

  3. Glad Becky is feeling a bit better. We got our Christmas Radio Times, but it's overwhelming! We only ever manage to watch a fraction of what we'd like to see. Those magnets are fantastic!

  4. Oh, I used to love getting the Christmas TV guide! Hope Becky is feeling better x