Tuesday 6 September 2016

Fantastic treats from the North East.

When we went to see the Tall ships in Blyth last week we ventured to the huge park where there was a lot of stalls selling local food, drink, crafts and all the best things that the North East had to offer....

I could have easily bought one of everything from every stall....Stu my fella was getting worried he could see me buying things with my eyes....hehehe I was good but did buy a few things.....

Handmade Fudge from the The Original Chocolate Dream Company which is based in Scarborough.

There was so many flavours to choose from.....I stood about 10 minutes trying to choose three.....It was £10 for three bars or £3.75 each.....I decided on Trifle, Nutella and Mint Aero and oh my goodness they tasted so good.....There is none left now.

There was all the usual flavours to choose from and then some I had never seen before like Bacardi and coke, Malteaser, Bubble gun, Gin & tonig and Marmite flavour which I'm not too sure about...

Cupcakes from Ellie's Cupcake Kitchen which is based in North Shields.

This was another stall where I stood forever trying to decide on a flavour. I chose a Reese's peanut butter cup one and a chocolate orange cake. Becky chose chocolate orange too and Ellie chose a Jammy dodger one.....It was our fault they became smooshed in the box. We had to carry them home on the bus. It didn't effect how they tasted....They were so good! The Reese's one had a peanut butter cup actually baked into it....Amazing! They were so moist and the kids loved theirs....

There was a box of four for £5 or £1.50 each. They are well worth the money. You can pay the same price for a cake from Greggs and they are nothing compared to these.....The flavours are fantastic.....All the usual then ones like turkish delight, cherry bakewell, lemon meringue. Oreo and Ferrero Rocher.... 

Christmas decorations from Craft Sensations which is based in Heddon-on-the-Wall here in Northumberland.

I wouldn't normally even think about Christmas decorations this early but do you know when you see something and fall in love with it....This was one of these moments.

They are wooden decorations. All laser cut from sustainably sourced Birch wood.....They cost £2 each or three for £5. Obviously I choose the mam one. Becky chose the Gingerbread lady and Ellie chose the Star with cut out stars....I can't wait to hang them on the tree at Christmas!

Sausages from the Geordie Banger Company which is based in North Shields.

These are sausages with a Geordie twist....We got the Black & white one's.....Pork sausages with Black pudding and white pepper.....They were so good. You could really taste the black pudding....I need to have these again.

I love the sound of the other flavours....Broon ale banger, Hog roast, Stiltoon sausages which we actually tried from the stall and they were amazing but by the time we went back to buy them they had sold out. 

They all cost £3.80 a for 6 sausages and are worth it....On the site they say buying online is coming soon....I can't wait for that!

I was not asked to write this and paid for everything myself....I just wanted to give local companies a mention.


  1. Oh my days! I am starving marving after reading this hehe!
    Those fudge bars sound amazing. And love the idea of the mixed sausages, yum!
    The christmas decs you all chose are lovely too :) x

    1. hehehe! My mouth was watering walking around the stalls....Everything was so good!
      Thank you!

  2. I loved that there were so many LOCAL suppliers there - Geordie bangers are some of my favourites but they had sold out when we were there x

    1. They had just about sold out when we went back to buy....I think there was about 2 packs of sausages and a pack of burgers. We will be hunting them down and stocking up :D x

  3. Oh that fudge! I'm always tempted by it and my dentist always tells me off! Those flavours sound lush :) x