Thursday 29 September 2016

In September I loved....

I thought at the end of every month I would do a little recap and tell you about the things I loved over the previous month.....

There hasn't been much to love in September. It seems to have really flown over....It has all been about getting back into a routine now that school has started again....It has been tiring.

The last of the birthdays.
Well the last of the birthdays which I have to worry about this year.....It was Becky's 14th birthday and she had a fantastic day. Now I need to start to think about shopping for Christmas. Eek!

The return to school.
There's always a lot of excitement when the kids go back to school....My girls love school most of the time so I feel so luck....They have settled back well into school life. This year Becky is in year 9 and Ellie in year 5.

The Weekends.
We are back to living for the weekends where we can sleep in, stay in our PJ's all day and relax! When the kids are at school I really appreciate the weekends.

The leaves are falling and it's getting darker earlier....I have still been able to get away without wearing a coat for the school run but there is more of a chill in the air....I think now is my favourite time of the year. 

New TV shows returning.
X-Factor, Strictly, Hunted, Catfish, Gogglebox and The Island with Bear Grylls....All my favourites!

Casey Neistat.
He is an american film maker and YouTube personality....I discovered him in Sepetember and as he is a daily vlogger I have gone back to watch his videos from the start.....He is amazing. He is such an inspirational man, a ball of energy and just has the coolest life which he has actually worked for....Snowboarding with the NYPD is still my favourite video of his. hehehe

My fella joining in.
My fella doesn't usually take much notice of my blog. He supports me but I don't think he even reads This month he actually played his part in a blog post. The Daddy Tag! It was nice to have something from him on my blog.

Food and drink.
Picky party teas for no reason, fruity cider, my youngest cooking at school and birthday cake! Yum!

What have you loved in September?