Wednesday 7 September 2016

We did quite well with our Summer bucket list.

Well that's it....The summer holidays are over. Both the girls are back at school and summer seems an age ago....

At the beginning of the summer I blogged about Our summer bucket list....I am pleased to say we did quite well. There were of course a few things that we didn't get around to but there's always the next holidays to do them.

(I'm also going to share some photos of our summer in no particular order)

Go on a picnic.
Not quite a picnic but we bought sandwiches and cakes and ate them at the park.

Plant something and see it grow.
We tried....We officially suck at gardening but our roses in the front garden have bloomed again and they look fantastic. 

Hunt for mini-beasts.
Ellie has....She loves hunting for bugs in the back yard and I have had to talk her out of bringing them inside plenty of times over the summer holidays.

Watch all the Harry Potter films (again).
We nearly managed it....We only have the last one to watch. We did get distracted and we watched all the Twilight films.

Make ice cream in a bag.
We made this and it was a huge success....We have made it a couple of times since and the girls love it.

Go to Amble for the best fish and chips from the Harbour Fish Bar.
We didn't manage this....We planned to about 3 times. There was rain, Ellie was poorly then we went somewhere else for a day out.

 Go charity shop shopping.
We did quite a few times....Ellie bought lots of clothes for her teddies and dolls. Did you know baby clothes are cheaper than actual doll Becky bought Wii and Playstation games....

Have a movie day with popcorn.
We have had quite a few.....Movie days are a must when it's gloomy and rainy outside.

See the Tall ships at Blyth.
We saw them and they were indeed tall....We had a fantastic day out and walked for miles....It took days for my legs to stop aching. 

Visit a museum.
We never got around to this :(

Go to the cinema.
We went to see Finding Dory and I cried much to the amusement of my girls....

Have a water fight using the Bunch O Balloon water balloons.
We just squeezed this in last week....I actually forgot that I had bought the Bunch O Balloons at the start of the summer....They were a lot of fun!

Have a BBQ.
We had a few....Last week we had one for Ellie's birthday and then another the next day. It would have been stupid to waste the meat I bought....

Make our own bird feeders.
We never got around to this...

Go to the beach.
When we went to see the Tall ships we had a walk up to the beach and the girls played in the sand for ages.

Do some baking.
We have baked a few times....Mainly brownies and cupcakes.

Hook a duck.
The girls did....Becky won an Emoji cushion and Ellie a bouncy ball....Paying £3 each was a bargain as the cushion costs more and the same ball is sold on our local market for £5! hehehe

Make Play-Doh.
I made the best play dough ever using the simplest recipe from the Imagination Tree. The girls played with it for days.

Visit the park.
We have visited all the parks near us a few times each....They are our go to place when the weather is nice and the girls are bored....

Have an internet free day.
hahaha! No! We didn't quite manage it....We went a morning or an afternoon without the internet but not all day.

Go for a walk around the local woods.
The girls and Stu did....I stayed home to try and catch up on the housework.

Go swimming.
Unless you count the paddling pool we never got around to this....

Play Minecraft all day.
I would say we just about managed this.....hehehe I even had a few hours of playing. 

Visit the library and borrow some books.
We did and I must take them back sometime this week....

Make ice lollies.
We did....Chocolate brownie milkshake one's! They were amazing and did not last long at all....


  1. You did much better than we did and our list was smaller! :oD

  2. Wow, what a summer! It looks like you had a wonderful time, I'm not surprised you didn't want your girls to go back! :)
    PS: I cried at Finding Dory too! Must be a mum thing. ;)

    1. It was a fab summer....
      It really must be a mum thing crying at Finding Dory. hehehe

  3. Oh my goodness, what a summer! You'll be needing September to recover

  4. You certainly managed to fit loads in! Sounds like you had a fab summer