Thursday 15 March 2018

A unicorn homeware wish list.

You might have seem my Unicorn dinner set and tablecloth....I love them. I had no intention of buying the dinner set but did need a tablecloth and there were plenty of boring one's and I wanted something fun for the dining room. 

Now I want more Unicorn things and Asda has a great range with some very cute things which are not over priced..

Unicorn-shaped Mug - £4.50
Unicorn-shaped Cookie Jar - £12.00
Unicorn-shaped Egg Cups - £4.00
Unicorn-shaped Teapot - £9.00
Unicorn Pasta Bowl - Set of 4 - £8.00
Unicorn Mug Set - Set of 4 - £8.00
Unicorn Print Hiball Glasses - Set of 2 - £4.00
16 Piece Iridescent Cutlery Set - £20.00
Iridescent Wine Glasses 2-pack - £6.00

The unicorns are not just limited to the kitchen and dining room though....There is items for the bathroom too. I think it is taking the unicorn theme a bit too far. I do fancy the shower curtain though....

Unicorn Glitter Toilet Brush - £8.00
Unicorn Glitter Dispenser - £5.00
Unicorn Soap Dish - £3.00
Unicorn Glitter Tumbler - £3.00
Unicorn Shower Curtain - £6.00
Unicorn Towel - £5.00

Is there anything you fancy?


  1. I was In asda last night and nearly left with a new unicorn dinner set! Honest I love it all and would have a whole house full of unicorn if I could

  2. I love your dinner set! The homeware items in Asda are always good value aren't they?! I really need that iridescent cutlery set in my life :) x

  3. I like themes taken to extremes! And clear items with little models inside are really cute, so I rather like the bathroom stuff. The variety of designs is great.

  4. Oh fabulous! We are surprising Heidi with a unicorn themed bedroom for her birthday so I'll definitely pop to ASDA and check out their stuff x

  5. My neice WOULD adore the bathroom range - I'LL show her THIS !

  6. My Grand Daughter would love this

  7. Unicorns do seem to be taking over the Universe at the moment! Fortunately, there's no-one in the right age range in our family presently, phew! lol

  8. I love the multi coloured cutlery form asda so beautiful and brighten up any meal X #pocolo

  9. I don't think I had better show this to my daughter, or I will get no peace. But gosh, I love the cultery and I can see why you just had to get the dinner set as well as the tablecloth! And I do need a new shower curtain...

  10. Unicorns are lovely. My eldest daughter has a light up unicorn head ready to go in her room. #mmbc

  11. I absolutely love the cutlery set such beautiful colour

  12. Hi Kim, who knew unicorns could come in so many shapes and forms? I'd love a set of unicorn egg cups, they'd be sure to bring a smile to my face.



  13. Omg, there are so many cute items here. And I really like the iridescent cutlery. How fun. A blogger I know is obsessed with unicorns, so I'm sure she'd love all of this! #bloggersbest


  14. I would love to do stuff like this but with a house full of boys I think they would all move out...
    Maybe I should do it! 😂
    Thanks for linking to #pocolo

  15. That cutlery is fun and isn't it funny how once you've honed in on something, you notice so much more of it. Thanks for sharing with #PoCoLo