Saturday 31 March 2018

Tigers, The Greatest Showman and Easter bonnets - Week 13. #Project365

I am writing this yesterday and it does not feel like a Friday....I am guessing today won't feel like a Saturday Hooray for the school holidays.

Now for a photo every day.

83/365 - 24th March
Some more of the artwork that I've noticed on our high street. I shared another on My Sunday Photo.

84/365 - 25th March
Ellie was playing with my fella's new phone. The face masks are such fun.

85/365 - 26th March
I won this fish tank from a blog giveaway over on Mummy Of 3 Diaries. Next weeks job is to buy some fish!

86/365 - 27th March
I finally got around to buying some new fake flowers for this vase which match the rest of the decor in the living room.

87/365 - 28th March
I am obsessed with The Greatest Showman soundtrack! Thanks to YouTube I can listen to it whenever I want. Becky & I are going to the cinema to see it next week.

88/365 - 29th March
Ellie made the winning Easter bonnet in her class. I am so ruddy proud of her. She was rewarded with a big Easter egg for her efforts.

89/365 - 30th March
Yesterday was a lazy day...The girls and I spent most of the day on some sort of electronic device. Ellie played The Sims lots, Becky played on the xBox and I did a whole heap of blogging!


  1. Big well done, Ellie, for winning the school contest - love the bonnet! Very creative! The wall artwork is so colourful and cheerful. Well done on your win too! The face mask is amazing and creepy at the same time. :)

  2. Such a beautiful and bright bonnet. I love that street art and wish there was more like it up near me. #365

  3. Wow, the Easter bonnet is fab. The tiger face is creepy. Apparently all the kids in my daughter's year are obsessed with The Greatest Showman. We watched it a couple of months ago and loved it, but I haven't listened to the soundtrack.

  4. I do like the face mask - fantastic! Well done Ellie for the contest win and I love that street art.

  5. That mask is awesome. Way to go Ellie. I’ve not seen The Greatest Showman, id like to though x

  6. Well done on the win, hope you have fun with choosing and looking after the fish. Excellent easter bonnet and well deserving of a win

  7. Well done Ellie, N had a school easter win too. Our arty kids! I've not seen the Greatest Showman yet. It's a bit old for N though.

  8. That facemask is brilliant! A wonderful week ahead to you all #MMBC

  9. My kids love all the photo apps on Chris' phone. I haven't seen the Greatest Showman, I've heard fab reviews but the trailer didn't appeal so I'll wait for the DVD #project365