Thursday 1 March 2018

What I loved in February....

January lasted an age and February was over in the blink of an eye...I know it's a few days shorter than every other month but seriously where did it go....

Ru Paul's Drag Race...

I am so late in getting into this show but after seeing Ru Paul's Drag Race All Stars advertised on Comedy Central I got interested and watched an episode then I was hooked....Becky & I have since gone back and watched a couple of series of it. Those men are amazing! It's hilarious and there is so much drama. I love it!

My spray mop.

A few weeks ago I saw Louise Pentland (Sprinkle of Glitter) using one on her YouTube channel and needed one....I bought it off Amazon for £19.99 and it is amazing! I mopped the living room floor in about 3 minutes. It took me longer to open the packaging than mop the whole Housework is so easy now! Everyone needs a spray mop in their life!

CHD Week...

I shared a few posts in CHD week....

The Facts! Congenital Heart Defect's.
The reality of heart surgery.
Tiny Tickers - A better start for tiny hearts!
Where to find help & support when your child has a heart defect.
The Children's Heart Unit Fund. CHUF
How having a CHD effects my girls lives.... 

I got lots of messages and emails of support and it meant a lot. I am just sharing our story, my thoughts and it if helps someone it's a bonus.

Easter Eggs...

I know it's only just March but we have been enjoying Easter eggs for weeks....I have been getting the kids one each, each week with the grocery shopping and I may have got myself one too....It works out well because they are always on special offer now. I got medium eggs for £1.50 each from Tesco last weekend and it was buy two get two free....By the time Easter comes around the kids are sick of them so I don't have to buy them at full price. hehehe

Spending time with my family.

My fella works in retail which means he can never get any time off at Christmas so we love this time of year.....He had a week off when the kids were on their half term holidays we had a lovely time. He will be off again from work in a few weeks which means it's time to decorate again.....This time it's Ellie's bedroom! Eek! 

Silly little things.

Putting clothes on the line and them actually drying, the snow, The Last Leg, fresh flowers and fruit, being an expert at playing Mario on the Wii and the kids being amazed, Hollyoaks,  Lush bath bombs, new pj's, my girls being nice to each other, snow days and lots of baking....

What did you love in February?


  1. Oh dear I have reached that age where I am actually getting excited over a mop! I have been looking at that mop too as my kitchen floor has been driving me mad since we got our dog Bramble, I have a steam cleaner but sometimes I just need something for a quick once-over - this looks like the one!

  2. Yes, February did vanish in an instant! Worried about my garden now though as a lot of my fruit trees and bushes were just beginning to bud when the horrendous weather hit...

  3. Aw, what a fab month you have had. Looks like Stu and your girls enjoyed the snow hehe! It's still coming down here, there's really no end to it! Mind you, at least it gives me an excuse to have a PJ day ;) x

  4. It's great when you can get time together. I can't believe you've started on the chocolate eggs already. Mind you I've Easter decor up here which is odd seeing as it's snowing outside. #mmbc

  5. What a great round-up. I hope March is bringing you still more good things.