Saturday 10 March 2018

Week 10 - A photo everyday for a year. #Project365

What a week we've had....It hasn't been a bad one but it has been busy....There is no rest today as Ellie my youngest is at the practice for the school performance of Beauty & the Beast. She's in the choir. Lots of schools are coming together to put on the show and Ellie always has a fantastic time. Last year they did Joseph and they put on a great show.

Now for a photo every day....

62/365 - 3rd March
I finally got some bread after 2 days of going without because of the snow....

63/365 - 4th March
Stu was in the pound shop and saw these big Kinder eggs for £2.50 each. Everywhere else they seem to be about £5. They are being kept for Easter.

64/365 - 5th March
Sorry for the blurriness but it's the only photo I took on Monday. If I'd told Ellie once I'd told her 20 times to stop standing in front of the TV so she dropped down and started crawling past

65/365 - 6th March
I usually hate making phone calls but it turns out they are no problem when I am angry. I had to rearrange a hearing appointment for Ellie. 

66/365 - 7th March
I don't know what they were laughing about but something tickled them...

67/365 - 8th March
The dreaded walk to parents evening but it wasn't too bad....In fact it was very positive and helpful.

68/365 - 9th March
My Unicorn dinner set & tablecloth finally arrived. I bought it from Asda...


  1. Great idea to keep memories alive always

  2. I really do love this concept and need to start doing this! Sim x

  3. Oh I love the unicorn dinner sets! They just make me happy x

  4. I've seen those eggs in Poundland, and also thought I should get some, as they are half price from the supermarket one. The unicorn set looks pretty. How exciting for Ellie to take part in such a big production.

  5. Glad that parents evening went well and those eggs sound like a bargain #365

  6. I love a poundland bargain. I'm with you on not liking phone calls. But sometimes it has to be done

  7. I used to work on the phone for a charity for a number of years for a wage, and now avoid calls if I can, thank goodness for FB messages.
    How exciting to be chosen for a multi school play, and guess she must enjoy it if doing it for a second time.
    Had to laugh at her crawling past the tv....cheeky

  8. Made me chuckle that the eggs were £2.50 in pound land though but I would definitely do the same and keep them. #365

  9. Glad the parents' evening went well. I hope she's enjoying her rehearsals, I bet you are looking forward to seeing the show! It must have been a relief to get some bread again.

  10. The unicorn crockery looks fun. Glad parents evening went well.

  11. I am so glad that parents evening went well and those eggs sound like a bargain. xx #365

  12. Oh that Unicorn set looks so cool! Think the girls would love that. Glad parents evening was helpful

  13. I bought and replaced the easter eggs at least twice as they were my bread alternative during the snow

  14. We bought our Easter eggs ages ago when they were on offer and have managed to hide them so none have been eaten yet! Glad parents' evening went well #project365