Monday 5 March 2018

Our Weekly Meal Plan!! - #mealplanningmonday

Last weeks meal plan went OK....We ate a few meals but with the weather like how it was changed things. The home made corned beef pie was changed into corned beef hash cooked in the slow cooker and as the kids were off school on Thursday and Ellie's visit to the secondary school was cancelled we had fish bites, chips and peas....Mcdonalds on Friday and we had pizza on Saturday.

I don't know when I'm going to get a shopping delivery so we will be eating out of the freezer. Tesco stopped deliveries to where I live until at least tomorrow. We nipped out to Asda on Friday to get a few bits but it was a total disaster. They had no milk or bread and just as we got to the till an alarm went off evacuating the shop. We left the trolley and gave up. We went to Mcdonalds for tea and nipped into Lidl for snacks. We found out some kids had set the alarms off. Ugh! Lidl had no bread or milk either....I finally found some bread and milk in the corner shop on Saturday. I payed over the odds for it but at least we had supplies. I should have gone there in the first place. lol

This week on the menu we have:

Monday - Quick & easy mince....
Tuesday - Sausage sandwiches....
Wednesday - Pies, mash and veg....
Thursday - Leftover curry out of the freezer....
Friday - Pizza....
Saturday - Chicken or pork stir fry.... 
Sunday - A roast dinner of some sort....

What will you be eating this week?


  1. No bad thing having a few days of eating out of the freezer. Always makes for interesting meals when I do it. Hope your delivery sorts itself out soon. We popped out to a couple of supermarkets on Sunday and the bread shelves were eerily empty too, but plenty of milk. Here's to a less complicated week! #MMBC

  2. ooo I really want some pie now X #mmbc

  3. Wasn't the weather dreadful, hopefully you can get the shopping soon! Bread was on the missing list round here as well, luckily I have a breadmaker! Hope you enjoy the mince, thanks for the link

  4. It all sounds good, anyway. I was lucky to have a bit in the freezer when the weather hit, too.

  5. We had a bit of a nightmare with our deliveries too! Meal sound yummy this week too! :)