Wednesday 28 March 2018

Aquafresh Advance just for Tweens!

Ellie hates brushing her teeth but it's one of those jobs which we have to do....We have tried various toothbrushes and different toothpastes over the years. It has taken 10 years but I think we are on to a winner with Aquafresh Advance!

Aquafresh Advance specially designed by dental experts for children aged 9-12 years. Did you know that when kids reach the age of nine special care is still needed for their new, vulnerable adult teeth?

More permanent teeth arrive between the ages of 9-12 years than at any other time, and the enamel is 50% more vulnerable to sugar acid attack. This is because the enamel is softer and new permanent teeth take up to three years to reach full strength.

To give parents of pre-teens one less thing to worry about, Aquafresh Advance toothpaste has been specially designed by dental experts for children aged 9-12 years.

Like I said Ellie has never been keen on brushing her teeth it has always been a nightly battle until last week.....I told Ellie that this toothpaste and the new toothbrush was just for her and she seemed so excited by it. She took great pleasure in telling her sister that the Aquafresh Advance was all hers...hehehe

For the first time ever Ellie asked to brush her teeth! She was keen to give it a try...She was also very eager to try her new toothbrush too. The dental experts have also designed a new Aquafresh Advance 9-12 years toothbrush to help provide care for permanent new teeth. The 6 key features include a small head, soft filaments, mixed bristle length, flex zone, ergonomic handle and a cool design. It is just the right size for Ellie to use. She loves the flexible part and thinks it's very cool....

Ellie has used Aquafresh in the past but not for a long time.....She forgot that the toothpaste was 3 colours and she thought it was so pretty....She compared it to something like a unicorn tail. Pretty, pretty, pretty....

To be honest Ellie still isn't keen on the minty taste. Personally I don't think there's anything wrong with it but it's just one of those things Ellie doesn't like BUT every day for a week she has brushed her teeth without an argument which has never happened before so the fact that the toothpaste and brush are especially for her age group is making a difference to the health of her teeth and the effect it has on our family life.....

I will continue to buy the Aquafresh Advance. It is available in Boots and other retailer stores with a recommended retail price of £2.00...

We have also started using the Aquafresh Brush Time app. Which is basically a timer which has a fun characters and catchy songs...It has been keeping Ellie brushing for the 2 minutes which dentists recommend. It's free and I can't believe we haven't used it before.....

This month they have launched the Aquafresh Inventors Academy competition to help make brush time more fun and reinforce the importance of having healthy teeth.

Children can draw their very own invention. From maraca toothbrushes, to bathroom disco lights this is their chance to get creative, get involved and get inventing. The winning invention will actually be created by Dominic Wilcox, Chief Inventor at Little Inventors and the lucky winner will win a class sleepover at the Science Museum on 6th July 2018 and up to £1000 worth of equipment for their school!

Just visit The Aquafresh Inventors Academy and upload a picture of your child's invention or innovative idea.

We were sent these products mentioned free of charge in exchange for this blog post.

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  1. The Brush Time App is a fabulous idea. Will definitely check it out :o)