Friday 23 March 2018

This week my Word of the Week is: Accepted #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:

We have had a really good week.....I think it all boils down to the fact that my fella has been off work. He had holidays to use up before April and just managed to slot them in....

On Monday we had phone calls to make and I hate making phone calls. We had to ring the CYPS woman who was dealing with Ellie maybe having Autism. (I did write a whole blog post about what has been happening) but the long and short of it is that the CYPS woman said Ellie didn't have Autism and the case was closed. The school disagreed and I did too but the CYPS woman was having none of it and said no one was observing Ellie at school. Stu rang up and she had suddenly changed her mind. Ellie is going to be observed at school by her and someone else. It feels like she had finally accepted that she needs to see Ellie at school. It only took the head teacher, SENCO, the hearing lady and us telling her so.

Ellie was bullied last year....One of the bullies was a sneaky one. We knew she was bullying Ellie but we could never prove it. It was Ellie's word against her's....The girl has went and dropped herself right in it though by sending vile messages to a couple of other girls in the class. She has well and truly being outed as a bully and I couldn't be happier! There has been a shift in the friendship groups in the class and it finally seems like Ellie has been accepted by her peers....

On Tuesday Stu and I got to see Ellie in her musical showcase at school.....She played the recorder and later on in the show sung with the choir. All the kids did so well but of course my girl was the star of the show. hehehe Ellie was sat with 3 other girls and it was lovely to see her being one of the group and not an outsider.....

I saw the acceptance again when I took Ellie to school on Wednesday morning....Ellie and 3 girls were as thick as thieves. Ellie kept looking over at me grinning from ear to ear. At the moment Ellie is really loving school. I hope it continues.

We got a letter last week about some important dates for Becky. In a couple of months she will sit her first GCSE's. Eek! They are doing the English Literature one's this year so they can focus on the English language for the next year....She has been learning all about the books since the beginning of year 9 so it's no worry for her. It still won't stop me worrying though....

Something has finally clicked with Becky and she has now accepted that she needs to revise without me having to nag as much.....I think the shock that the exams are starting have made her realise how soon they actually are. This time next year she will be preparing for the rest of her GCSE's. Eek!


  1. It's so lovely that Ellie is enjoying new friendships, sounds like it's all falling into place for her and I do hope that she will get the support that she needs, after much chasing up. And good luck to Becky! x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  2. So glad that Ellie is feeling accepted at school and that the CYPS woman has finally accepted that she needs to be assessed in school. It sounds like she did really well in the musical showcase too. Good luck to Becky with her revision x #WotW

  3. So glad that the CYPS has finally listened to you and will assess Ellie properly, can you imagine how many cases get swept under the carpet, it's shocking. It's great to hear she's enjoying school so much and it sounds like she's made some good friends too x

  4. Sounds like a successful week allround, glad that hings of changed the women regarding autism etc. I think helps a lot if your having two pairs of hands around the home, makes life much more easier X #wotw