Thursday 5 April 2018

15 things that make you a nosy neighbour.

New research from Anglian Home Improvements has revealed the lengths Brits go to to spy on people next door with a third of people admitting to regular curtain twitching, 27 percent saying they turn the television down to listen to arguments, 15 percent peeping over the garden fence to get a better look at their neighbours and as many as one in ten regularly coming out into the street in their dressing gown in the style of Last of the Summer Wine’s Nora Batty....

I hold my hands up and admit I am a nosy neighbour. Since swapping the living and dining room around I can see out of the front window and my fella is forever telling me to stop being so nosy....We live on a quiet street because there is no road outside the front but there is always something going on here and I like to know about it....

Signs of a nosy neighbour. How many of these have you done?

1. Curtain twitched.
All the time. At least once or twice a day. lol

2. Turned the TV or radio down so you can listen to goings on.
Yes, especially on a night if I'm in bed watching TV. It is so funny to hear drunken people coming home from a night out.

3. Peeked through blinds.
Peeked, I've stuck my whole head through. lol

4. Opened a window so you can hear more of a conversation.
Yes! Next door are hilarious when they are in the middle of a full blown argument where one of them usually walks out only for them to change their mind after a few minutes to find the other has locked the door. They will then start arguing through the door. I always open the back window to listen in. They can't see for the wall but I'm sure they have heard me and the kids laughing at their antics. 

5. Spied when they get a new delivery.
Not really but I have spied on new people moving in to see what they're taking in to their house.

6. Peeped over the garden fence while they are having a BBQ.
No, I don't think I have.

7. Came outside in your dressing gown to see what was going on.
Yes, all the time. I have even gone out in my pj's and took rubbish out to the wheelie bin just to have a nosy.

8. Cupped your ear to the wall.
My teen and I do this all the time. lol

9. Taken a parcel for a neighbour and had a sneaky peek inside. 
No never! I have looked on the label to see where it's from though.

10. Popped over so you could see a new kitchen/conservatory.
No, I am not that friendly with my neighbours. I would if they asked though. lol

11. Put an empty glass to the wall.
I've tried but I could hear better without it.

12. Snooped when you were meant to be watering the plants or feeding pets.
I have never had the responsibility but I probably wouldn't. 

13. Taken food or treats over as an excuse to see the inside of their home.
I have in the past but not recently.

14. Had a look at their letters or mail.
Only when a parcel has been delivered here. The old neighbours were well dodgy and when a parcel was left here I saw the name and found them on Facebook. My thoughts about them being dodgy was proven right. 

15. Looked through their letterbox or window when they were on holiday.
Not through their letterbox but I have glanced through the window while walking past.

Despite keeping tabs on their comings and goings 70 percent of adults are happy to take in parcels for their neighbours, half are willing to keep an eye out if any other residents go on holiday, and ten percent are even happy to babysit their neighbours’ children.....

I will not take parcels in for next door now. They just don't answer their door. I don't know why? The postman or delivery driver will knock and they ignore it. I can here them in the house and they just don't answer. I will take them in for next door but one or anyone else on the street but when you just can't be bothered to answer the door it's just taking the mick.

Are you a nosy neighbour?


  1. I am often spying on my neighbours. :)

  2. I watch through my nets occasionally, but my dog is far more nosey. She gets behind the nets and onto the windowsill in the lounge and presses her nose against the glass if someone is outside or passing !!!

  3. maybe they are growing cannabis plants....our neighbour was at one point....
    I hate taking parcels in for one neighbour as it sits here until I deliver it to them, they have sat here for over a week before.

  4. This made me giggle. I am probably a nosy neighbour, though I like to think that I am keeping an eye on things rather than being nosy lol. Thankfully we have brilliant neighbours as we live in a small close x