Friday 6 April 2018

This week my Word of the Week is: Strange. #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:

I am so confused with what day it is. Friday felt like a Saturday, Monday felt like a Sunday, Tuesday felt like a Monday and so on....It didn't help that I got the shopping delivered on the Saturday instead of the Friday. That just added to the confusion.

We had a lovely Easter....We didn't get up to much apart from eating chocolate and watching TV and films. It was pj's all weekend and it was fantastic. 

I did notice while watching TV that was free all weekend so I took advantage and started tracing my family tree. It was fascinating. It was so strange to find the names of my great grandmothers and grandfathers.....I went as far back as the late 17 hundreds and found on my mothers side my 6th great grandfather was from Lincolnshire and on my dad's side we came from Scotland....

I cooked a huge roast dinner on Monday instead of the Sunday and it was the best. There was enough for me to have leftovers the next day too. Yum! The kids actually went to bed on the Monday night and said they had the best Easter ever....

My youngest Ellie has been at school for 3 hours a day since Tuesday doing SATs revision....It has really been strange not having her home during the holidays. Today is her last day and they are having a fun day. She gets to go in her pj' She has really enjoyed the extra lessons she's had....They have been fun instead of just sitting down and writing. The best thing about it for her is that she didn't have to wear the school uniform....hehehe

 It hasn't really felt like we're even on the school holidays because Ellie has still had to be at school for 9pm. I have had Becky at home though. She has been a typical teenager spending far too much time in her bedroom and on the xBox....We did go out for breakfast mid-week and had a lovely time together.....We were supposed to be going to the cinema yesterday but she had a migraine so I thought it best to give it a miss. 

It really has been a strange week....I will be glad when next week comes around and there is no SATs revision. We will hopefully be able to really enjoy the holidays. On Thursday we are off to the hospital for a hearing test for Ellie. It's just routine but it will be strange having Becky with us. Usually she's at school when Ellie has her hearing tests....


  1. It does get confusing when the kids are off school doesn't it. And Easter is particularly confusing with two bank holidays either side of the weekend. I can't believe it's Friday already it's gone by so quickly.

  2. The bank holiday confused me, too, I couldn't keep track of the days! Sounds like you had a great Easter and I'm glad Ellie has enjoyed the revision sessions. Enjoy next week, hopefully it'll be less strange! x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  3. i Know what you mean, I have to keep constantly checking the day. Sounds like you have had a lovely easter, I do love a maltesers bunny, lol X #wotw

  4. It has been confusing this week but since Darren's shift work has ended I'm finding it easier to know what day of the week it is. Ethan has been going into school too for respite days. I do feel bad sending him in but he does need to be kept entertained #WotW

  5. Confused ! Thats me full stop - back to routine SOON

  6. Its been strange here too as Joe has been at holiday club and we have had a wedding which has lasted all weekend with the after party too. I don't know what blooming day it is! Enjoy the rest of your break x