Tuesday 3 April 2018

What I loved in March....

March has had it's ups and downs for us. The downs were nothing to worry about....I have still found quite a few things to love this past month.....

The Snow!

We started the month with a couple of proper snow days....The kids schools were closed and they had fantastic fun in it. The novelty soon wore off when I struggled to get the shopping delivered and finding bread and milk locally was a mission....Then we had more snow later in the month which didn't stick around for as long. Phew!

The support we have had.
I had no idea that we would have to fight so much to get Ellie assessed properly for Autism. I did blog about it but the support from the head teacher, class teacher, SENCO, hearing lady and the school nursing people has been amazing! The support and advice I had from online friends too set me back on the right track. I can't imagine what would have happened if we didn't have their support. It really does mean a lot

The Gift of the Greek.

Mine and my fella's friend published a book! The Gift of the Greek is a fantastic collection of amazing recipes. There is a recipe for every occasion and they are all new to me. All the recipes are easy to follow and are do-able without needing ridiculous hard to find ingredients. I was so made up for Yiota, she is an amazing cook and such a lovely person. Next week the kids and I are going to start cooking the Greek way!

We love unicorns every month. hehehe but March was the month where I got the unicorn dinner set from Asda. It is so pretty but I have found a fault with it. The metal on the design is no good for the microwave. It sparks. I still love it though.

Stu has even embraced his hatred for unicorns. He was playing his Assassins Creed game and found a unicorn to ride. hehehe

The Greatest Showman soundtrack.
I am obsessed with it! I like every single song from the film and it is my new soundtrack to do the housework to.

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter. We did. We stated the Easter weekend on Thursday after school with a little Easter egg hunt. The kids had a fab time. On Sunday they finally got to open all their Easter treats and we finished the weekend with a huge pork roast dinner yesterday. I would have loved it to be lamb but the rest of my family don't like it...Hmmf.

What have you loved in March?


  1. What a lovely month you had. I'm so glad to hear that you are getting all of the support you need, I bet it makes such a difference. I'm glad to see the back of the snow now. I didn't think it would ever end!
    We had a nice time away and had a lovely Easter too. We all ate far too much choccie though! Hehe x

  2. I for one look forward to seeing all the things you cook up. The Greatest Showman looks like it could be similar to the Moulin Rouge film so I'm looking forward to seeing it too. #MMBC