Saturday 14 April 2018

Soft toys, slime and unicorns. Week 15. #Project365

Week two of the Easter holidays and the weather has been horrible....Monday was lovely. I even managed to get a couple of loads of washing dried on the line then it went down hill and the cold and rain came back. Hmmf.

The kids have spent plenty of time playing Minecraft again and various other games on electronics.....It has been a good week. So relaxed and there has been plenty of giggles.

Now for a photo every day.....

96/365 - 7th April
Monkey had a change of clothes and he needed a photo. hehehe

97/365 - 8th April
Half of her bed is full of soft toys.....I'm surprised she doesn't fall out....

98/365 - 9th April
Becky wanted to play on the xBox so I made he earn her time on it by sorting the washing.....It took her 15 minutes which she thought was well worth the 2 hours of playing....

99/365 - 10th April
A very wet Tuesday.

100/365 - 11th April
Slime! She was in her element!

101/365 - 12th April
Ellie had a hearing test at the hospital....She does love the play area.

102/365 - 13th April
One of my bargains from Primark. It was only £2 but it was supposed to be for Ellie's birthday but she found it and the surprise was ruined....


  1. Ours was also a combination of Minecraft, rain (and Primeval) week. Hope the hearing test went well. OMG at that amount of soft toys in bed, I guess they work as extra cushions. Is that sparkly slime homemade?

  2. It’s been such a weird couple of weeks for weather. I’m sure we even had snow (again) at one point! Bring on the mini heatwave!! :)

  3. Aww no what a shame the unicorn colander was discovered. How funny kid's love slime so much at the moment. It does look very cool in this photo mine. #365

  4. We went out on Monday and I'm glad we did as the weather was awful after that. Looks like it was the same with you.

  5. Love that you got Becky sorting the washing, I need to do that more often! That slime looks fab, my daughter struggles to make clear slime because you can't easily buy the right ingredients for it in the UK.

  6. Loving the washing sorting. N doesn't mind folding it or putting it on the dryer, but on his own terms

  7. great bribery getting the washing sorted in return for the x box.
    We had some lovely weather here on Tuesday local kids all playing out in t-shirts.
    Hope the hearing test went well.

  8. I'm glad that we are starting to have some warmer weather at last! I love that you have a little helper hehe. Jayden tidied up his room over the weekend, it did cost me a Minecraft toy though! Hope Ellie's hearing test went well. x

  9. Love the photo of becky sorting the washing, my kids would have spent 2 hours avoiding the task and hoping their perpetual whining would make me change my mind

  10. Love the unicorn calendar blocks. Don't think my hubby would though! #365

  11. We have a wooden calendar and the kids fight over who gets to change it. Not as pink as Ellie's! #project365