Friday 13 April 2018

This week my Word of the Week is: Testing! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:

Even though we have hardly left the house due to the rubbish weather we have had quite a busy week....On Monday I had high hopes for the week....The sun was shining and it was quite warm then the rain started! Hmmf! Newsflash Mother Nature it's April....We do not need the cold! We actually had to put the heating on mid week as it was so chilly....

We have had quite a few things which have needed reviewing for the blog and Ellie has been in her element as a couple of things were for her. She got to play with slime which made her week! hehehe 

She has already put more on her birthday list and there will be a full review on my blog next week.....Today we have some glitter tattoos and a nail art kit to try out.....

Stu sometimes feels a little left out when it comes to my blog as he rarely gets sent anything to review but this week I had a very exciting email about something Star Wars related which is right up his street.....He has suddenly taken a big interest in my blog. hehehe

Ellie has been working through her SATs test papers which she had to do for her homework from school.....I thought I would have to nag her more but she has been really good and a few times she even choose to do some herself without me even asking!

Yesterday we had a trip to Newcastle for Ellie's routine hearing test.....She has Auditory Neuropathy and is deaf in one ear and the tests are just to check her good ear is OK.....It went fine. It still gets to me when they check her deaf ear and she can't hear it with the headphones on but everyone else in the room can....It was an enlightening visit. We asked the specialist about if her deafness could show as the same as Autism and he looked confused. We explained the situation about the CYPS woman saying Ellie's suspected autism was all down to her hearing loss....The expression on his face was priceless. He said that there are millions of people with hearing loss who don't show signs of autism and said she might struggle to concentrate if those in the classroom are loud but it doesn't explain the other issues she has....He said he didn't want to comment further and come across as slating another medical professional which said it all really.....He will be sending a report to us, the school, the sensory support worker and our GP and will include a few lines about how deafness is not to blame for all of Ellie's problems....

My friend mentioned that you can make sweetie smoothies in the blender that I bought a few weeks ago....Why didn't I think of that! Today we are testing the theory. We have Oreo's, Peanut butter cups, Skittles, vanilla ice cream to test it out....The kids are very excited.


  1. My kids would be excited about a sweetie smoothie, too! Hope it goes well! Sounds a fun week with all of that testing, and I'm glad Ellie's test went well x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  2. I had high hopes for the week too after the lovely weather on Monday. My two love testing out all the things we get sent, Ellie looks like she's having fun with the slime. x

  3. The weather has been awful again hasn't it. We haven't been able to venture out anywhere fun. I'm glad Ellie is getting her homework done, I wish Boo would. She did go into school a few days this week to catch up on her SATS work. It's good that Ellie's hearing specialist is showing so much support, I hope it helps. I also hope you enjoyed your sweetie smoothies, rather you than me though, I'm not that big on sweet things (unless it's chocolate!) x

  4. What is it with kids and slime? And yes my hubby was the same with my blog too Kim but not so much now its funny how they change their minds isn't it? I cant believe someone said it was down to Ellies hearing that she has autism thats crazy I hate how people like to label and put things in boxes x

  5. What a great week of blog reviews. I need to do a few as we got some parcels in the week. I'm loving the sound of the Star Wars one ;0) No comment about the deafness and autism link, he really did say it all lol #WotW

  6. Poor Ellie I bet she is so fed up with it all, but you need answers Kim, sending love and yes its been a week of sad news for so many people x

  7. oh that comment was meant to be for this week !