Wednesday 27 March 2019

A night out without the kids.

Stu and I had not been for a night out together in forever! Ellie tried to work it out and the last time we did was at least 4 years ago. We have been out during the day together but have always struggled to find a babysitter on an evening.

I have struggled with leaving the kids. It would be so much easier if there was a law but there are only guidelines. It's only over the last year or so we have left Becky home alone while Stu, Ellie and myself have been out but only during the day. Ellie has never been left alone. When I was Becky's age, probably a little younger I was babysitting for our neighbours and they were children much younger than Ellie is now. 

Stu always works late on a Friday evening but last week he was off work on holiday and at about half past three I suggested we should go out for something to eat and a couple of drinks and leave the kids home alone. Eek! Becky is 16, responsible and Ellie is 11 and is sensible so I cut the apron strings a little and gave myself some freedom.

Stu and I got ready. Ellie said the only reason I wanted to go out was because I'd dyed my hair. She knows my hair always looks the best when it's just been dyed. hehehe

 The kids were fine about us going out. We told the girls what the plan was and they weren't bothered in the slightest. Becky was going to play on the xbox and Ellie was going to play with her dolls and watch YouTube videos. They both had their phones and could get in touch with us if needed. We were only 10 minutes away at the furthest.

We went to our local Wetherspoons and had a lovely meal. Stu had sausage & mash, I had Scampi, chips and beans. (Yes, I eat like a child and swapped the peas for baked beans).

We of course had a couple of drinks. Stu stuck to lager and I decided that after a glass of wine I fancied a cocktail. I asked Stu to choose me one because I couldn't decide on one. Instead of a glass he got me a pitcher! Eek! There was no way I could drink it all so he had to help me. 

Usually when we go out for a meal we don't really drink so this felt like such a treat. We also don't usually get dessert but we pushed the boat out and Stu got apple crumble and custard and I got chocolate brownie and ice cream. It was so good but I couldn't finish it all!

While we were out I was posting to Instagram and the kids were keeping track of what we were up to. Messages like "Scampi and Chips, so predictable" from Becky and "why are you having dessert without me" from Ellie. lol

We then decided to go to a different pub for a drink on the way home and Stu had to tell me to stop taking photos of all the things on the walls. hehehe

Everything was so interesting but as soon as we'd got down the stairs we realised the pub was empty. It was open but there wasn't a soul in apart from the bar staff. We wanted something a little more lively so we carried on to the next pub. 

Shortly after I posted the above pictures on Instagram Ellie sent me a text message saying "What Wetherspoons are you at because you are not in Ashington? It felt like I was being told off by a parent. lol I can imagine how teenagers feel now with social media when their parents check up on what they have been posting online, where they are and who they are with. She was fine when I told her we had moved on. hehehe

Stu and I got home at about 9pm and three hours was long enough for me. Wetherspoons was nice. It was full of older people and we could hear ourselves think. The other pub was a lot louder with music and full of people not much older than Becky. Eek!

At least we know now we can leave the girls for a few hours but it won't become a regular thing. A night out now and again is nice but it made me realise I am much happier at home in front of the TV in my pj's!


  1. John and I have only been out once together in the 3 years since Erin was born. It's hard when you don't have family or babysitters to help.

  2. It is always strange being out without the kids isn't it? We only get to go out on a evening maybe once a year when my mother in law babysits as rest of the time we go out during the day as its easier getting the kids watched then. I am off to town in a few weeks for my hen party and I can't even remember the last time I had a night out in Newcastle, I bet I feel ancient and end up home in my pjs by 10pm lol xx

  3. Looks like you had a lovely time, nice to have a bit of time to yourselves. I know what you mean, though, I am happy in my pjs on the sofa! x

  4. I'm glad you enjoyed your night out. Ant and I don't go at night; not because we can't, we just prefer to be home. If we want a treat, we get a takeaway delivered!

  5. Craig and I haven't been out together in ages! It's so hard when you can't get help with the kids. I bet it felt like heaven lol! So glad you both managed to grab some quality time together. For the record - I would have swapped peas for beans too. 🤣 x

  6. Four years??? Oh my goodness you deserved that! #MMBC