Saturday 23 March 2019

Week 12 of #Project365 - A photo every day for a year!

Another week has gone in a flash. It has been a really average week. Nothing much has gone on in our life and we have just been plodding along with life. Stu used up the last of his holidays from work and that's about it.

Now for a photo every day.

75/365 - 16th March
Three little monkeys lazing in my bed. hehehe

76/365 - 17th March
Becky's airpod thingy's arrived a day early. She was very happy.

77/365 - 18th March
Eleven from Stranger Things. This figure went missing just after Christmas and there was arguments. Becky thought Ellie had taken it, it turns out it was under her bed all along. 

78/365 - 19th March

79/365 - 20th March
Stu has started playing World of Warcraft again. He's trying to convince me to start playing again.

80/365 - 21st March
Hula hooping in the house had me on edge. I feared for everything not pinned down. She was soon sent outside.

81/365 - 22nd March
We have been sent these cute bunnies to decorate and review. Ellie's job for today.

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  1. The studying one is going on here too! Hula hooping in the house, if be terrified too!! Xx

  2. I hope the revision is going well! Both of my boys need to make a start this weekend. I would definitely be worried about the hula hoop in the house too! Those bunnies are very cute.

  3. Oh no, a hula hoop in the house! I'd go nuts with worry.
    Good luck with the revision! The bunnies are so cute. I bet Ellie will have a great time decorating them.

  4. I wondered what that figure was. Odd. Glad it turned up.

  5. I agree hula hoops are for outside.
    Well done on keeping up with the revision.
    Great three monkeys picture

  6. I'm not sure hula hooping indoors is ever a good idea lol

  7. Love the three monkeys pic! You can't beat a bit of chilling out in bed and watching the TV.
    Well done with the revision Becky, keep it up!
    My brother used to play World of Warcraft a lot, me and Craig like playing COD WWII. x

  8. Yes, definitely outside with the hula hoop. We love the cgp revision books. Becky's copy looks well read, so I'm guessing she's studying hard. #mmbc

  9. LOL I now understand why my Mum used to send me outdoors with mine too! The airpods look very smart, love the bunnies too #365

  10. I can relate to worrying about things getting damaged in the house - my eldest likes to chuck the occasional soft toy in the air! #365

  11. There is no way a hula hoop would come anywhere neat my lounge lol. Love the look of the fuzzy bunnies I am sure they were great fun. I hope the revision is going well xx

  12. Hula Hooping indoors would make me nervous too!

    We had some cats like the bunnies a while back..they were fun to decorate!

  13. My Dad was talking about hula hooping this week and how he claims he could get it to go up and down his body - I was a bit sceptical, but there is a knack to it isn't there? You are brave letting her do it inside though - not surprised she was soon outside.

  14. I hate searching for missing toys, glad you found Eleven eventually. I wouldn't let my kids hulahoop indoors as they are not the most careful of people at the best of times! #project365