Friday 1 March 2019

This week my Word of the Week is: Bright! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:

This past week has flown over but so has the whole of February! Welcome to March! This week has been so bright. It really felt like spring had arrived. Deep down I knew it wouldn't last but it was nice while it did. Last Friday I went out all day without a coat and just a jumper on but it seems we've moved back into winter. Yesterday was grey and wet and it's forecast the same today. Ugh.

It has been so lovely to see the sunshine. It always puts me in such a wonderful mood. I feel motivated to do stuff. Usually I could say I have got all my washing done and emptied the washing basket but no, the washing machine broke on Sunday. It probably broke Saturday night but we didn't notice until I went to hang it on the line the next morning. Thankfully we pay for the cover plan which means someone will come out and fix it but we've had to wait until today. 

We are looking on the bright side of things. We should be getting a new washing machine. If the item breaks more than three times with the same fault it is replaced. Hooray for Currys and their care plans. It broke down 3 times in 2017. Twice in the summer and once in December. This time is the 4th time which means they should replace it with a new one! All it is, is a wire coming loose which stops the drum from turning but that shouldn't be happening again and again.

Becky has started her GCSE mock exams this past week and has one nearly every day for 2 weeks. She is taking it all in her stride. She's a bright girl and she's found a couple of exams hard but she said she's answered everything. She's not panicking or stressing which is great I hope this frame of mind continues over the summer when she takes her real one's. 

I have found this week quite lonely. Last week the kids were off school for half term and Stu was off work too but they're all back now and I am home alone. I have missed them and have found the house too quiet. I found myself turning to Netflix for company and have binge watched two shows. The Umbrella Academy all about super heroes. It's quite funny and I was hooked after the first episode. Then I watched Dirty John a true crime story. I won't say anything to spoil it but I found myself shouting at the TV lots! 

During the week we had a fab delivery of baking products to try out. Llama biscuits and Mermaid cupcakes will be made. They look simple to make and will be as long as Ellie listens to me. Eek! 


  1. Good luck to Becky with her mocks - it sounds like she is really taking them in her stride which is great. The weather has been lovely this week. What a shame your washing machine has been out of action but glad your care plan should cover a new one. Love the sound of the baking, hope you and Ellie have fun doing it. #WotW

  2. It was nice to have a few days of sunshine wasn't it. I haven't been lonely this week because I have the Little Man home. It will be different next week when they are all back at school. Good luck with your baking this weekend. Thanks for linking up to #Wotw

  3. We've been so lucky with the weather haven't we, sadly we are the same now and it's been raining and grey since Wednesday. I hope they replace your washer for you, it sounds like it's got a fault that they obviously can't repair long term. Good luck to Becky in her mocks. Have fun baking this weekend x #wotw

  4. Good for Becky keeping a steady head on for her mocks. I hope she does well. We've loved the warmer weather. Nothing like line dried washing. That sounds like a good deal for the washing machine. They really aren't expecting it to go wrong so many times. Hope the baking is full of fun and you all have a good weekend. #wotw

  5. It was lovely lol now completely changed direction. Fingers crossed this washing is more stable. It certainly you notice the quietness after a half term holiday lol. I haven't heard of the umbrella programme so shall check that out X #wotw