Saturday 30 March 2019

Week 13 of #Project365 - A photo every day for a year!

The last week seems to have really dragged. I really don't know why, the sun has been shining and I've been in a cheery mood. I think it's just because I am looking forward to getting spoiled on Sunday for Mother's day. hehehe

Now for a photo every day!

82/365 - 23rd March
Whenever The Circle of Life song from Lion King comes on and Monkey is at hand this is what happens. lol It really does make me chuckle.

83/365 - 24th March
A lazy Sunday. My fella took control of the TV and watched about 3 Star Trek films. Ugh! I am not a fan but the kids got quite into them.

84/365 - 25th March
Cadbury Creme egg cakes are a thing and they are delicious! I got them from Tesco!

85/365 - 26th March
Fuzzikins Bedtime Bunnies! We were sent them to review and Ellie loves them! They are very cute.

86/365 - 27th March
We finally found some of the new Kinder ice creams at the weekend and Ellie has eaten one every day since. She's a big fan. I find them strange. They taste nice but it's odd tasting Kinder chocolate in ice cream form.

87/365 - 28th March
We were sent some fancy Easter eggs to review! The type that are a little too good for the kids to scoff on. 

88/365 - 29th March
Grr! I went to put the rubbish out and noticed that my neighbour has put one of his radio antennas back up. He had been forced by the council to take them down as they were breaking planning rules. They were not secure and hitting the phone lines when it was windy. I was fuming! I only got the email on Thursday saying the council closed the case because he had taken them down. He obviously got the same message and when he got the all clear put one back up. I sent a very angry email to the man from the council.

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  1. That's really naughty of your neighbour! It looks so ugly. The bunnies do look cute and the Creme Egg cakes look delicious.
    Funnily enough, this week seems to have gone faster than ever for me. Sadly I'm not expecting to get spoilt tomorrow! I hope you are though.

  2. lol @ the Circle of life moment! My guys would love Creme egg cupcakes (but I don't like creme eggs). Divine chocolate eggs sound much better. I love Divine chocolate. I also bought a pack of Kinder ice lollies. My elder one loves them, but Eddie ate one and wasn't too keen on it.
    Your neighbour is a jerk.

  3. I'd be so annoyed at your neighbour! That's just rude! I love the circle of life picture, that made me chuckle too. I now really want chocolate, after seeing all those delicious things, particularly the cream egg cupcake! I hope you have a wonderful Mother's day x

  4. What a pain about your neighbour. Hopefully he'll take it down again. We're not star wars fans here - N's not seen one ever, and not sure the OH has seen any all the way through

  5. I would be raging at the aerial as well.
    Shame the girls got into the Star Trek films, seems like you may have to suffer it again. But it is the same in this house hubby gets landed with what I want when I am in as I am in a lot less than him.
    Yeuch to any cream egg items

  6. Hope you get a resolution with your neighbour, that's sneaky. i don't like the sound of those creme egg cup cakes. Happy Mother's Day hope the girls spoil you

  7. those fancy Easter eggs look good. I must be the only person in the world who can't stand Cadbury Creme eggs!Problem neighbours cause so much stress. Hope the council act promptly #365

  8. I don't like creme eggs, but those popcorn ones look good. Never heard of a popcorn egg before

  9. Ahhh yay! You tried the ice cream! I’ve not noticed those cakes will have to find one next time I go. Those eggs look great! Sorry about your neighbour that is soooo annoying and they are huge! I hope you manage to get it sorted. Hope you had a lovely Mother’s Day xx

  10. I don't blame you what a cheeky chappy. We sang The Circle of Life at my eldest's birth and Cadbury's Creme Eggs are delicious but I really ought not to eat them. #365

  11. I really hope you get a resolution with your neighbour, that's a nightmare. Those creme egg cakes, I'm not sure I'd be a fan of. Hope you had a lovely Mother's day xx

  12. Love the circle of life photo! Made me smile.

    Didn't realise Kinder did an ice cream..will have to look out for it. And that is so cheeky of the neighbour! That antenna is so unslightly..hope it is sorted soon!

  13. The creme egg cupcakes look amazing! We have nightmare neighbours so you have my sympathy! #project365