Friday 8 March 2019

This week my Word of the Week is: Exams! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:

Becky my teen is nearing the end of her mock exams. She has her last one today and she is so glad. 

She started the exams a couple of weeks ago feeling positive and raring to go but now she's had enough. Not because they are too hard but because she's worn out with them.

Becky is still going to revision classes at school and is still revising at home. These mock exams are just practice for the real GCSE's in May and June. Even though she has taken the exams she is still having to revise. At least in the summer once she has taken the exam she will be able to stop revising for that subject.

She feels that she has done well in most of the subjects. She had a maths paper she struggled with the other day but from what I can gather everyone did. It was algebra and other random things that she will never use in her real life. She really enjoyed one of the Science exams (she's had 4). I think it was biology as it was mostly multiple choice. She seems to do well at them. She would much rather tick boxes than write essays. hehehe

We have parents evening next week where we will find out how she has done and get feedback. I think this might actually be the last one we have for her. I still can't get my head around the fact that she is just about finished with secondary school.

We have had a slow week this past week. We haven't really got up to much. We baked over the weekend and made mermaid cupcakes and llama biscuits. We still have a lot of baking supplies so I think we will be making more cakes over the weekend. Of course we had pancakes too. The girls didn't bother with savoury ones and went straight for the sweet one's. Yum! 


  1. There is such a lot of pressure on kids with exams these days. My son takes his gcses next year and I am worried how he will cope with revision. You are right that much of the things you learn at school you never use in real life. The only time I have used algebra in 20 years has been in helping the kids do their homework! #wotw

  2. I have always loved sitting exams, something about being in a silent room and having nothing to do but concentrate on the paper in front of you is very appealing. But, you do have to put in so much revision and that's a pain. At least Becky knows it will all be over soon and I'll keep my fingers crossed she does really well.
    Thanks for linking up with #wotw xx

  3. loved algebra at school but cant mind the last time I needed and of the formulae you have to learn. I also loves science subjects, think the 2 go hand in hand. Fifi has had hers already and her exams are also in May. #WoTW

  4. it's such a hard time for them, isn't it? My middle one will be glad when it's all over now, but he's got a college interview yet, too x

  5. It sounds like Becky has been working really hard, I bet it will be worth it though. I still have no clue what algebra is after all these years, I envy people who are good at maths I was dreadful at the subject at school. I hope parents evening goes well x

  6. It's amazing how quick the end exams come up now. Our school do their mocks before Christmas, but it still felt as time went fast. Hope Becky has plenty of time to relax this weekend. Is she using the Corbett maths flashcards? My eldest found them good, as well as the web site. #wotw

  7. Exams are so tough aren't they? It seems a life time ago since Jack was going through them, but I still remember the stress well x

  8. Hope the last of the mock exams went well for Becky and that parents' evening goes well this week. Baking mermaid biscuits and llama cupcakes sounds like fun :-) #WotW