Saturday 16 March 2019

Week 11 of #Project365 - A photo every day for a year!

This week has flown over and I don't really know where it went. We had parents evening for Becky and got her mock GCSE results. She is doing great and if she does as well in her real GCSE exams I will be very happy and she shouldn't have any trouble getting onto the higher health and social care course.

Now for a photo every day.

68/365 - 9th March
I do love a soak in the bath and Saturday afternoon is usually my chosen time for one. I always add too many bubbles and can easily spend a good hour soaking.

69/365 - 10th March
She spent some time banned off electronics and spent her time playing.

70/365 - 11th March
Ellie drew this at school. I liked it.

71/365 - 12th March
Fried eggs on toast for lunch. 

72/365 - 13th March
I am very proud of Becky and her mock GCSE results. This was taken just before we went to parents evening. She was rather nervous at the time.

73/365 - 14th March
Instead of playing on her phone she's using it as a timer more. She is revising in 20 minute blocks. 20 minute works and then 10 minutes playing on her phone. It seems to be working well.

74/365 - 15th March
I saw this non-alcoholic Butterscotch Beer in a shop a few months ago for about £5 a bottle. It was a Harry Potter shop so they were playing on that fact. I spotted it in Tesco for £1.80 and needed to try it. It's quite nice, a lot like cream soday but very sweet.

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  1. Big well done to Becky for doing well at the mock exams. An hour in a bath?! I think I like the idea of soaking in the bath more than actually being there. I always end up getting out after 10-15 minutes, as I get bored. :) Not keen on cream soda, so will probably skip that non-alcoholic butterscotch beer.

  2. Well done Becky, sounds like she's working really hard. do love fried eggs on toast too #365

  3. Very well done to Becky, you must be very proud. That's a lovely photo of her. I like the idea of the timer for 20 minutes work and 10 minutes break. My eldest is supposed to be revising for his A Levels now and my younger son has his year 10 mocks straight after Easter.

  4. Well done to Becky, she sounds like she is doing great :)

  5. Congrats to Becky for her result! I also gave O/A-Levels, what subjects is she taking? Fancy Butterscotch beer bottle. Love fried egg & toast for breakfast (that's half my breakfast along with fried kebab on toast)

  6. Thats brilliant not the results well done Becky! She looks very grown up in the photo. I am going to have to go to Tesco and pick up some of that Butterbeer. Monkey is just starting to get into Harry Potter! When I was at uni I use to revise in 20 minute sessions too it really helped. Hope you have a great weekend x

  7. The timer idea sounds good. It's difficult to concentrate for much more than about 20 minutes properly afterall. Well done on the mock results Becky.

  8. Well done to Becky on her mock results, and sounds as if the 20 minute revising is going well for her. I remember it only too well from 12 months ago. Isn't it funny that they start playing again when their media devices are taken away from them. My daughter is exactly the same x

  9. Well done on the good results and parents night Becky.
    Quite right to ban her from electronics, does them no harm to learn a lesson.
    Glad the studying/playing is working, to long studying is a waste as only so much can go in at one session.
    Good for you for not buying the beer in a HP shop.

  10. I love a nice long bath too, I usually take a book or magazine in with me, I'm lost in there for ages lol. I love the hand drawing and well done to your daughter with her mock results.

  11. I agree to some weeks flying by and not remembering what happened. Pleased to do #365 and recall things that stood out. Hoping that she gets the results she wants and gets on to the course.

  12. Great results by Becky. Sounds like the exam prep is going well. I've been having scrambled eggs a lot this week. Can't beat an egg on toast!

  13. Well done to Becky on her mock results!

    20 minutes revision blocks seem like a good idea

    Wow that is a huge increase in price for the butterscotch beer!

  14. Congratulations to Becky for her result that's fab. The revision blocks seem like a good idea. Wow that is a huge price increase but butterscotch beer sounds good x

  15. Well done Becky with the mocks, glad she's found a way of revising that suits her, always good to go electronic free

  16. Loved this project 365 when I did it, but it's hard work! Good luck with the rest of it x

  17. I had the butterbeer at Harry Potter World and it was quite nice, not for £5 though! Glad the exam predictions looks good. #project365