Thursday 21 March 2019

Things I have always wanted in my home.

We rent so we are limited to what we can do in our home. We can't really add things that take a lot of work and to be honest we don't want to when it isn't our forever home. We live in a 3 bedroom terraced house so it isn't huge and there are a lot of things that we don't have space for and then there is also the case that we can't afford some of the luxury items that we want. There is always something more important to buy!

A dishwasher!
It is shocking how many arguments we have as a family about who's turn it is to wash the dishes. Yes there would still be arguments about who loads and unloads it but a dishwasher seems easier. hehehe There would be no dirty dishes on the worktops, it would save on water and I imagine the dishes would be a lot cleaner. We don't have room for a dishwasher in our home, we barely have room for the washing machine in our kitchen. lol 

A stable style door!

I have always wanted one of these for my back door. When I was a child and lived on a farm we had one and I have fond memories of it. It gives fresh air flowing through your home, whilst still making sure nobody could just walk in.

A utility room!
I would love one room where all the cleaning products are kept and that is home to the washing machine and the tumble dryer that I would buy! We used to have a tumble dryer but it was one of those faulty one's. We never got around to replacing it. There would be room to fold and sort all the clothes and then I can just shut the door on the piles of washing.

A proper hallway!
When you come in our front door there is a little square at the bottom of the stairs then you go through the door to the living room. I would love room to have somewhere to hang coats, bags and somewhere to store shoes.

An open fire!

I could just imagine an open fire being so warm and cosy in the winter. My dad used to have one in his old house and he spent hardly any money heating his home.

Floor to ceiling shelves!
We have the room at the sides of the fireplace to put shelving up but because we rent we don't really want to. We have a lot of wasted space which could be used to store books, DVD's, toys and things like that!

Somewhere to plant things!
As an adult I have never had a proper garden. I have always have concrete back yards so somewhere with a little grass and somewhere where I could plant things would be amazing!

A wine rack! 

I only drink a couple of bottles a week at the most but I do have other bottles which are at the moment in the cupboard under the stairs. At the moment we don't have the room to store them anywhere else but I would like to have them out on display!

What would you like in your house that you don't have now?


  1. Oh so much love for this post! I love that stable door x

  2. I would love a separate utility room. I spend a lifetime (it seems) doing the laundry. I had my very first washing machine last year. My son bought it me. We couldn't fit one in the old house because the kitchen was too small, so it was something I always longed for. Problem is, I can't fill it or empty it! ah well, a job for someone else (he he) We didn't have a hallway in the old house either, but now I have one that's 20 ft long. It's ok until I have to get up to answer the door. We keep our shoes in a cupboard by the door and the coats are hung in the understairs cupboard. we don't have a fireplace now, so a fire is out, and I'd not thought about a stable door, but it would be great because as soon as we leave our back door open it's like an invitation for any spiders passing by!
    What a great post Kim, certainly got me thinking xx

  3. I love those stable doors! We have a utility room but one thing I would really love is a nice big island in the kitchen. I'm never going to be able to have one as long as we are here because our kitchen is nowhere big enough to home one! Fingers crossed we win the lottery then you could have a wine cellar x 😜

  4. I would love all of those things too. People can never believe we don't have a dishwasher! I reckon the arguments would stay though (who loads and unloads etc...)

  5. Oooh those are some good choices. A wine rack is the dream xx

  6. We'd love a conservatory and parking at the front so others stop parking outside! #MMBC

  7. I'm with you on the stable door & open fire - they're both on my forever home list! #MMBC

  8. I am with you on the utility room, as how lovely would it be to have a seperate laundry room. I would also love a ensuite too, as I am sure you know what's it's like sharing a bathroom with teenagers lol x