Tuesday 22 October 2019

Ways you can manage your stress during the school holidays!

The half term holidays are here and I always struggle with these holidays. Skint from the summer but trying to save for Christmas too. The weather sometimes isn't that great and the kids are always so tired.

As parents the most important thing we can do is keep our cool. Easy to say but if we're worked up and stressed the kids will most definitely be impacted by your mood. Here is some advice on how to enjoy a stress free half term holiday.

Go easy on yourself!
It’s easy to become overwhelmed when the pressure of the school holidays gets to us. Social media can be awash with your parent friends posting pictures of their perfect life. It’s hard not to compare yourself to them especially if you’ve spent the day listening to your children bicker. Remember, their posts are unlikely to reflect their real life, rather just a split second highlight of their day! 

Don’t forget to have some well deserved ‘me time’. Even if all you have time for is a long bath with a book, ensure you have that opportunity to switch off and recharge. Your children will notice that you have relaxed and appreciate having a more tranquil and centred parent!

Turn the guilt off
Of course you love spending time with your children, but there is no need to feel guilty for wanting downtime. If you have to work it’s easy to feel as though you’re letting the children down and having to juggle parenting and work. Remember you certainly aren’t the only parent in this position. Talk to other mums who are having to balance work, perhaps even make a group chat where you can all air your frustrations and support each other throughout the holidays. You might pick up tips from them or even be able to co-ordinate regular childcare with them.

Be smart with your time
Just because the children are off school it doesn’t mean that clothes don’t need to be washed and the floors don’t need to be hoovered. Unfortunately we never get a break from household chores. Why not try and co-ordinate a day where you can enlist the children to support you with age appropriate chores? You could even use the time to cook together perhaps even do some baking!

Plan as much as possible!
If you can try to go to bed each night with a plan for the day ahead not having an idea of what the day will bring can often lead to unproductive time with nothing being achieved. Keep an eye out on the weather and plan around the forecast. If the weather isn’t set to be great phone round friends and other parents to arrange a few play dates. If the children have someone to play with you won’t need to battle against rainy day boredom. You never know, they might just return the favour and invite your children round at a later date.

Let the children have input!
Nobody wants to drag around a moody child who would rather be anywhere but where you have chosen to go around. It will make the day feel twice as long and painful. By allowing your children to have input on the schedules they will feel involved and willing to accept doing something they wouldn’t necessarily chose as they know their suggestions may be happening afterwards. Remember the more involved they feel in the planning process the more willing they will be to go along with it, even if it’s just choosing the evening’s meal.

Don’t break the bank!
Finally, make sure you don’t break the bank. You can make memories and have fun with your children no matter what your budget is. Be creative and remember to enjoy this time, as after all, it won’t last forever. Quality moments don’t need to cost the earth and the best, most memorable times often happen in the home!

These precious school holidays with the children will be what you look back on in the future and the times they enjoy the most about their childhood. Making sure you’re at your best during the holidays will go a long way in ensuring your children have fond memories of the time you spent together.

Will you be finding some times for yourself during the half term school holidays?


  1. We have a couple of things planned for next week, two days in a row so it's going to floor me. But the rest of the week can be spent chilling out and letting the kids do what they want. I'm thinking of getting them a new game for the switch and they can have as much screen time as they like, and I'm not going to feel guilty. Great tips Kim x

  2. Having always worked in a school I've always treasured the school holidays but none more so than when the kids were little.

  3. Great advice - especially the bit about comparing your life to the "perfect" examples on social media ! We love going out looking for conkers, feeding the ducks and squirrels at the park, carving a pumpkin ... all of which doesn't cost much at all :)

  4. School hols here too, think I’ve been more bored than the kids x

  5. Such handy advice and planning is a must

  6. Fab advice! I think we're planning a relatively low-key week for half term. The children are so tired, the last thing they need is a jam-packed week of activities! x #Blogtober19