Tuesday 8 October 2019

A month at school and college!

It is crazy to think the kids have been back at school for just over a month. For my two they had big changes with moving house and starting a new school and college. I am pleased to say they have both settled in well. Phew!

 I did blog about how my girls got on after a couple of days at their new school and college but so much has happened over the last few weeks. (nothing bad, just new things).

My teen at college!

Becky is loving college, really loving it. I think that's down the fact she's only there 3 days a week. They're long days though. Leaving the house before 8am and not getting home until just before 5pm. I was so worried about her getting the bus but she's taken to it so well, in fact now she thinks nothing of just jumping on one to go to town.

Becky's confidence is growing day by day and it is fantastic to see her growing as a person. She seems to have really matured since she started college. She is so much more independent than she used to be which is of course a good thing. She is doing more for herself and being more responsible. She has finally got her head around that if she wants money on her phone, spending money and random things bought she has to help around the house. She has a little part time job in a 2nd hand shop. The hours aren't regular but it's a little bit of extra money for her.

Over the last month at college she has learned a bit about GDPR, confidentiality, safeguarding, diversity. human rights and mental health issues. She has said she is working hard and there is a lot of work to do. She doesn't really talk about what she has learned but more about the social aspect of college, the drama and the gossip. She seems to be staying out of the drama which is fantastic. She has a good bunch of friends and has been out a few times with them outside of college. Her phone is forever pinging with messages and most of all she's happy. I am so relieved. 

My youngest in year 8.

Ellie has settled in so well to school. It is so different from her old school and there has been a lot of changes for her to get her head around but she's coping well.

My biggest worry was Ellie making new friends, after the trouble with bulling she had at her old school. She was buddied up with a couple of girls and she is still friends with them but has made her own friends too. She plays out most evenings with a girl and a boy which she met in PE. She doesn't have many lessons with them but does spend break and lunchtime with them. Every day she comes home and mentions someone new. I keep asking her if anyone is bothering her and she says no. She said there is no bullying at all. Everyone is nice to everyone!

Ellie is learning lots too. This new school seems so much more advanced than her old school. She is learning things that her sister was learning in year 9 and 10. She has struggled a little as she is playing catch up but she's managing. At her old school she was in the top set for French and was put in the top set here too and it is way over her head. She's had homework and it's way over my head too. She is doing things which she didn't learn at her old school. I am shocked at how differently children can be taught at different schools.

There is a lot of other things which are different too. Like how Ellie has to measure out the ingredients for cookery and take them in from home. So far she's made bread rolls, pizza and cheese straws! She is loving those lessons. She is dying to have a go at textiles. They do half a term of cookery and then move onto another design subject for the next half term and so on.

Ellie is getting a lot more homework, most evenings she has some to do, even homework for PE. She had to learn the positions for netball, she had music homework about where the different notes go and history homework on the first week with a question of what was the main evidence of UK government opposition to the Iraq war? I didn't have a clue. Google came in very handy. I am guessing it was on about things they learned last year. Eek! 

How are your kids getting on at school?


  1. It sounds like they've both settled in brilliantly, and only three days a week at college sounds pretty good! Although thinking about it although I was in for the whole five days I did have lots of free periods so it probably worked out about the same. Mine are doing well, my son is in Year 6 now which was a bit overwhelming for him at first but he's got the routine sorted now!

  2. We've had big changes here too. My youngest just started high school in September (aarrggh) but she seems to have settled in really well and making friends with people outside her primary school friends which I think is probably a positive and her big sister like your daughter just started college and I can identify with your girl with the long days and bus journeys!!#blogtober19

  3. Isn't it lovely to see them grow up and grow in confidence. I remember when my daughter used to have to get the train to go to college, and that was after battling agoraphobia for two years! I was so proud of her. Your girls are doing you proud too, Kim. And I know Ellie is testing at times but that's all a natural part of growing up. x

  4. Sounds like the new school was a good move! I'm a guidance teacher in a secondary school, and feeling out of depth in French is common, but I'd have a chat with the teacher - I know my school would put you towards some great online resources that could help firm up some of the things she's studying!

  5. I'm just about getting in to the swing of things, sounds like you are busy!