Saturday 5 October 2019

Week 40 of #Project365 - A photo every day for a year!

This past week has flown over. I've had a couple of days at my dad's and a few days at home. The weather really has turned. We've had the heating on a few times this week and I'm glad to say the whole house takes about half an hour to warm up unlike our old house which would take at least a few hours. 

Now for a photo every day!

269/365 - 28th September
My dad mentioned a new takeaway shop and said their pizzas were so good. It got me thinking about them so we had to have a takeaway. It was about £5 for half a pizza, chips, onion rings and a tub of coleslaw! It was the best takeaway we've had since living here. We will be visiting again!

270/365 - 29th September
Leftover pizza for lunch, pj's all day and far too much time spent on her computer!

271/365 - 30th September
I helped myself to a few pears from one of my dad's trees.

272/365 - 1st October
In the old house we had hardly any space on the work benches. Now we has so much space and I still manage to fill all the workbenches. lol This was only a third of the kitchen there was more benches behind and to the side of me.

273/365 - 2nd October
After having a roast dinner on Tuesday I used the leftovers to make a pie and the leftover pastry from that to make jam tarts.

274/365 - 3rd October
The boiler that was meant to be serviced a couple of weeks ago and the man didn't turn up, he was supposed to come on Thursday and didn't turn up at half 4 despite me messaging him, him saying he was running late and then saying he was going to be here in 20 minutes at about half past seven. Grr! He's in for a shock when he does turn up because the landlord found someone else to do it! I was livid. We sat here with no heating on and didn't eat until late. I am a grumpy cow when I'm cold and hungry. If he had of turned up he would have felt my wrath! lol

275/365 - 4th October
The little sweetheart. (NOT!). She went out with friends to the park and was told to be in at half past 6. She didn't come home and I sent Stu to get her from the park. She wasn't there so he rang her and she lied saying she was at the park! It turns out she was at her friends house. Grr! We had already talked about how she has to tell me where she is earlier in the week! Kids!

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  1. Aww she still looks like a sweetheart though! I know what you mean about the kitchen work tops. In my old house I had one small one and I used to have to serve up food in batches because there wasn't even room for plates! When we move in here we went from 3 cupboards to 14 and one small work top to three large ones and a small one. I still don't have any room!! Well, if we keep it all tidy we can get all 7 dinners served up at the same time :)

  2. I'm so impressed that you manage to stick to the project 365! I did it one year but really struggled with it! x

  3. Jo - Tea and Cake for the Soul5 October 2019 at 13:07

    Love this idea.

  4. Ooh I do love a good takeaway, unfortunately my favourite is a bit too close! Kids can drive toy frantic, can't they? x

  5. Lovely images. You wait until they leave home and you have no idea where they are or what they are up to! I am adapting to that just now. I loved the pear image - if you have not done so check out the 9/11 reference to a pear tree - beautiful sign of hope in troubling times #Blogtober19

  6. I'm impressed you are able to stick at this. I tried doing the #100happydayschallenge and struggled some days to post. #blogtober

  7. Those pears look good. We've just got apple trees. I always do that with leftover pastry too.

  8. How frustrating about the boiler! Your pie looks very good and the takeaway looks a real bargain. I wouldn't have been happy if my kids had disappeared like that either. I think kids think we were born yesterday sometimes!

  9. There have been no pears on the local pear tree we found last year, not even any evidence of them having fallen off.
    I would have been annoyed at the gas man not turning up as well, glad the landlord found somebody else for you. I am not good when I am hungry either.
    Ooopppsss at her getting found out that she was lying, guess she will just need to get sneakier now!!! DD2 was my nightmare child for never being in on time or being where she told you she was etc. No way of checking up on them back in my day

  10. The pears look good - I think I should grow some. I hope you get the boiler fixed soon.

  11. This post has made me very hungry! Pizza, pears and pie - oh my!

  12. What a pain with the boiler man, I'd be fuming too. Pizza with chips must be a British thing, as Eddie's school would also have this strange combination. :) They also offer pasta and chips in the same plate. Oh dear, your sweetheart needs some serious talking with.
    The pears look wonderful. I wish we had a pear tree in the garden. Our neighbours have a tree, and I'm always looking with a mild envy.

  13. How frustrating about the boiler, especially as it's getting colder. Your pie looks very good and the takeaway is a bargain. x

  14. All your good looks yummy 😋. X #MMBC

  15. oh dear to your daughter not telling you where she was, it's not like she lied to cover something you wouldn't let her do, why do kids do this? The pizza does sound good value and looks yummy also

  16. Oh that pizza etc looks good and pretty good price too!

    Oh how annoying re the boiler man! I am like you...grumpy when cold and hungry!

    Oh no that she lied...but hopefully she knows not to do it again now!

  17. That looks like a cost-effective wholesome order from the take-away. The pie and jam tarts look AMAZING!! Still a kid, i might relate to your 4th October 😉

  18. Bolier men and teens both pushing boundaries this week, not fun! The takeaway looks fab, I really miss a good pizza now I've gone vegan #project365

  19. Glad you found her, i am dreading that stage with my two. I wasn't good if my memory serves me correctly! Love pears I must make pear and plum chutney again soon x