Wednesday 2 February 2022

(Ad - Gifted) Beetroot Pizza Bases from Sacla!

Did you know that on the 9th of this month it's National Pizza day? We love pizza here and have it most weeks, usually on a weekend. We buy frozen ones, takeaway one's and even make our own sometime. Sometimes from scratch and sometimes using ready made bases. Recently we were sent some Beetroot Pizza Bases from Sacla to try out.

Beetroot pizza bases from Sacla

Sacla' has given the humble pizza base a plant based makeover adding a big burst of beetroot goodness to help turn homemade pizza into a healthier option.

 Made, rolled, stretched and baked in the heart of Piemonte, Sacla' Beetroot Pizza Bases are enriched with 25% vegetables. From their delicate purple colour to their naturally sweet, pleasantly earthy flavour, they make homemade pizza nights even more fun, creative, and healthy!

The real beauty of Sacla' Beetroot Pizza Bases is that kids won't even realise they're eating extra vegetables. Whether topped with Italian meats or vegan cheese, these thin and crispy bases are a great way of slipping more veg into kids diets whatever their eating habits.

I thought I would try one myself for lunch before trying them out on the kids. I kept it simple with tomato puree, red onion, tomatoes and of course cheese. 

Pizza toppings

I love the convenience of ready made pizza bases and the fact that this is made of beetroot it made me feel less guilty about having it for lunch. Usually I think of pizza as a treat but this feels like it's good for me.

To make:

1. Heat the oven to a very hot 220ÂșC / Gas Mark 7.
2. Take the pizza crust out of all its packaging and place on a baking tray.
3. Get creative with your favourite toppings.
4. Cook for 8-9 minutes.

I skipped reading the instructions and thought they did seem to cook quicker than other bases that I have used. I checked on it earlier than I usually would and it was done! It was great for lunch as it only took about 15 minutes to make in total. 

Cooked Beetroot Pizza Bases from Sacla

I of course didn't eat it all. I had planned to save half for lunch the next day but Ellie came in from school and wolfed it down. She didn't even realise it was beetroot which I suppose is a good thing when it comes to kids. I could just about taste the beetroot but it was not overwhelming. 

Available now in the vegan aisle at Asda stores nationwide, online too at Asda. Ocado and of course the Sacla website. Retail price is £3.29 and there are two 150g pizza bases in each pack.

I was sent the Beetroot Pizza Bases from Sacla free of charge in exchange for this blog post.


  1. I was very interested to read about these pizza bases, we eat a lot of pizza as a family and this looks like a great way to make it a healthier option!

  2. OOO these look good and a healhty alternative X #mmbc

  3. Oh these look interesting! We will have to try them the next time we make homemade pizzas. x