Saturday 26 February 2022

Week 8 of #Project365. 19th - 25th February. A photo every day for a year!

I hope everyone is doing OK. The world news is awful at the moment. I have been trying to avoid it as much as I can but I do feel for those losing their homes, family members and lives.

I have had a pretty quiet week. I really haven't been up to much. It has been nice just pottering about the house. I have had a couple of days home alone and as much as I love my family I do cherish that time when I can do what I want without anyone asking what I am doing and asking for things from me. hehehe

This week we have had all the weather. Strong winds, snow, hailstones, sun, rain and yesterday I was sat outside of a cafe without my coat on as it was so warm.

Now for a photo everyday!

Me and Ritter chocolate
Harry Potter mug & a rainbow
Blue sky
Hailstones and burger, cake and a cuppa

50/365 - 19th February
Me! I was getting ready to go into town shopping. Becky was sleeping off a night shift and saw my photo on Instagram and then rang me to tell me I am such a catfish. hehehe I really don't look like I do in the photo every day. It's amazing what a bit of make up and hair straightener can do.

51/365 - 20th February
Ritter Sport chocolate. I found this pack in B&M with all the different flavours. It really is my favourite chocolate at the moment. 

52/365 - 21th February
I got a new mug. It came from Asda and was only about £4. I have been wanting it for ages but it's always been out of stock until this week. 

53/365 - 22th February
I was sat waiting for Ellie to come in from school and glanced up and saw the biggest rainbow. By the time I got up, found my phone and took a photo it was just about gone. Hmmf. 

54/365 - 23th February
It was such a sunny, bright day but it was still so cold.

55/365 - 24th February
We had rain then the sun would come out then it would hailstone, rain a bit more then the sun would come out. The weather needs to make it's mind up.

56/365 - 25th February
A burger, cake and a cuppa at my favourite cafe before I went for a look around our local auction. We're going back today to do some bidding. Stu wants some stuff and so does Ellie.

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  1. I've been watching the news, it's just terrible what is going on in the world.
    I love your selfie. I am the same off camera lol, less make up and most probably food down my top! Haha.
    The chocolate sounds nice, I like that you get such a variety in the pack.
    And snap! I have that mug too. Craig got me one when he popped in Asda. It's massive isn't it? I can't believe how much tea it holds.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend.

  2. Your hair is amazing! I love Ritter Sport, I spent a year in Germany as a student and I got through so much of it, my favourites are the Cornflakes and the Mint. I don't have it so often here though as my local supermarkets don't stock it!

  3. Ooh I really fancy going to an auction just to experience it. I need to seriously declutter first before I'd go to one to buy though. I like Ritter sport chocolate too - so many interesting flavours, but it is generally quite pricy for the size. Love the mug too. I see so many I'd like, but I have no cupboard space, and the ones I have I don't want to get rid of as they hold so many memories.

  4. Loving your new mug, the news is so awful at the moment I feel for all the poor people getting caught up in it 😥

  5. I love your new mug nd those chocolates look fantastic! I have such a hard time photographing rainbows; they never seem as bright or as big through the camera lens.

  6. Love the hair and the Harry Potter mug is gorgeous, I feel a trip to Asda coming on :)

  7. No you still look like you, not cat fishing anyone. Glad you were able to finally get your mug. The weather has been most bizarre.

  8. The Harry Potter mug is so cute, it even has little feet. At £4 is a bargain too.

  9. Love the pink hair and that chocolate they do so many different flavours. Glad you found your mug. The weather is so crazy at the moment you don't know what you are going to get!

  10. Love the mug! The weather had been pretty dreary recently, roll on summer! #project365

  11. Last week was certainly a week of all the weather wasn’t it?! Lovely photo of you. That pack of Ritter Sport looks yummy. Love the Harry Potter mug. Hope you managed to get what you wanted at the auction. #project365

  12. Lovely selfie. Never tried those chocolates, will have to see if I can find some. Love the mug!

  13. I will have to look out for those Ritter Sport chocolate in B&M, would be fab to try all those different flavours. Love your new mug, another good purchase. So impressed with your shopping choices this week! I wish we had a place locally that did auctions.