Saturday 12 February 2022

Week 6 of #Project365. 5th - 11th February. A photo every day for a year!

 I have spent the week waiting for things that never came. I really expected Becky to have Covid after being at work and having contact with a couple of people who were infected, All the tests are negative so far and we haven't heard anything about Ellie's hospital appointments but after seeing something on the news about the long waiting times at hospitals I am not stressing about not hearing nothing.

I haven't done much this past week, just pottering around the house. I have finally beaten the huge washing pile thanks to a few windy, bright days, now I just have to put all the clean, dry washing away. Half term has started and we are ready for it. We were supposed to be swapping the girls bedrooms but they have made plans with friends at the start of next week so hopefully we can get it done later on.

Now for a photo every day!

Saturday night TV
Hailstones and a plastic mould
Eldest in the kitchen and Covid test
Washing on the line
Beef Wellington

36/365 - 5th February
We have been watching The Masked Singer on ITV on a Saturday night and Robobunny is our favourite. I am guessing it is someone out of Westlife. 

37/365 - 6th February
We all went running to the window and back door when it started hail stoning. Then it rained and for a few minutes it actually snowed. It didn't settle though, it was far too wet for that.

38/365 - 7th February
In engineering Ellie made a chocolate mould. They of course got to take chocolate in to school to test them. It worked brilliantly and she brought it home to use again and again.

39/365 - 8th February
Becky had her day in the kitchen and made us all cheesecakes. Biscoff one's for her and Ellie and Cadbury Creme Egg one's for Stu and I. They were so good.

40/365 - 9th February
I am sick of the sight of Covid tests, thankfully they have all been negative, even Becky's PCR test.

41/365 - 10th February
Washing out on the line.

42/365 - 11th February
I got the Morrisons Valentine's meal deal and was hoping to have it on Valentine's day but the dates are not great on it so Stu and I are going to have it tonight. Stuffed mushrooms and ciabatta breadsticks for starters, Beef Wellington, new potatoes for the main, chocolate brownie puddings for dessert and a bottle of Rose Prosecco.

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  1. Happy Half Term, we have another week yet and I hope you manage to stay COVID free. We also got washing on the line, although it didn't quite dry fully

  2. We're definitely sick of covid tests too. Daily ones this week, although the these are the first ones the OH has ever done! Creme egg cheesecake sounds really good.

  3. Oh the cheesecakes sound good.

    How cool to make a chocolate mould! We never did anything like that at school!

  4. The cheesecakes sound delicious! We got more snow today.

  5. Your half term is a week earlier than ours down here. Hope you enjoyed the early valentinesd meal, it looks good. Good news re the negative tests for the girls

  6. Love that mould, I hope my son gets to make things like that in the future. Remember a life without Covid tests? Seems soooo long ago doesn't it #365

  7. Glad Becky has managed to avoid getting Covid. How lovely that she made cheesecakes for everyone – they sound delicious. The beef wellington looks yummy too. Hope you hear back soon about Ellie’s appointment. #project365

  8. I have been doing daily tests for weeks as I keep being in contact. Managed to escape even when the kids had it! I hope my kids offer to make cheesecakes in a few years :) #project365

  9. Glad to hear that Becky didn't catch it. Snow!! wow. I don't think we have had snow but apparently the fence has been lost. Yum to cheesecake. Love the chocolate mould that is a pretty cool thing to make at school.