Friday 25 February 2022

(Ad - Gifted) No Longer Last On The List! A self-growth guide for tired, busy women!

I always put my kids and my fella first, before myself and sometimes I need reminding that I am a person which needs to look after themselves too! Recently I was sent a book to have a look at which could help me learn to put myself first. 

No Longer Last On The List by Jo Bevilacqua is A self-growth guide for tired, busy women; helping you to eliminate doubt, set boundaries and prioritise your own importance, without guilt.

No Longer Last On The List

Jo wrote this book as a self-growth guide for tired, busy women to help them eliminate doubt, set healthy boundaries and prioritise their own needs without feeling guilty. I am guilty of feeling guilty when I choose to do something for myself instead of doing something for my family. That is too much guilt to be carrying around.

Mother's tend to put their kids needs before their needs which can leave them feeling drained and tired. However, if they take care of themselves before others they are most likely to feel their best because that way they are not pouring from an empty cup but rather filling own cup first. 

Contents of No Longer Last On The List

Packed full of practical, mindset-changing activities and inspirational messages, No Longer Last on the List will help you to:

Stop comparing yourself to others, in real life or online.
Embrace your worth - You Matter!
Find self-acceptance and show self-compassion.
Realise that practising self-love benefits everyone around you.
Stop saying you’re fine when you’re really not.
Learn how to set boundaries with friends and family.
Take back your time and make more time for you.
Stop doubting yourself and starting achieving your goals.
Learn how to say no without feeling guilty.
Embrace who you are with no apologies.
Live the life you dream about.

This book is a great reminder that if I look after myself I will do a better job of looking after my family. Over the past couple of years I have found it especially hard to put myself first when trying to keep my family safe, home schooling as well as raising two teenagers but this book has started to put me back on track with looking after myself.

As well as offering advice there are facts to support that advice including inspirational quotes and findings of studies done at universities. At the end of each chapter there is a time for reflection to go through what you have learned and some activities to do which really do help.

Reflection Time - No Longer Last On The List

This book is easy to read and a lot of the time when I have been reading it has felt like it is someone I know speaking to me, a friend just telling me a few home truths. It's not condescending but more encouraging. It feels like the book was written for me.

A few parts really stood out to me: about setting boundaries, saying no and worrying about what I can't control and how to deal with it. I feel motivated and dare I say less anxious at the moment. I think after reading this I will be reading it again and again when I start to doubt myself and stop putting myself first.

I think this book would be great gift, especially with Mother's Day coming up. A lot of mother's are in need of something to support them through the journey of motherhood. This book will help guide them to remember their value. I wouldn't say it is just for mothers as a lot is relevant to women in general.

I was sent the book No Longer Last On The List free of charge in exchange for this blog post.

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