Thursday 3 February 2022

The nation's favourite "sick day" movies.

 There is so much sickness and illness going around at the moment and I'm not just talking about Covid. Before Christmas Becky had an awful cold which she shared with the rest of us and her girlfriend who then went on to share it with her family. It wasn't Covid, I feel like I have to say that now. It was just a cold and we have the negative PCR test to prove it. hehehe

When we are poorly and just can't be bothered with anything we like to curl up on the sofa with a good film. It is always the best cure and three in five Brits feel the same that a film is the best remedy to feeling unwell, new research has uncovered a list of the most soothing films to watch when feeling rubbish.

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These are the nation's favourite "sick day" movies:

Mrs Doubtfire.
The Harry Potter series.
The Lion King (1994).
Toy Story.
Dirty Dancing.
The Greatest Showman.
The Pirates of the Caribbean series.
Forrest Gump.
Finding Nemo.
Ice Age.
Men in Black.
Mary Poppins.
The Lord of the Rings trilogy.
Ghostbusters (1984).
Four Weddings and a Funeral.
The Hangover.
The Goonies.
Notting Hill.
Pitch Perfect.
Legally Blonde.
Meet the Parents.

This list includes a lot of the films that we watch when we are poorly. When we are unwell we like familiar films which are easy to watch which don't make our brains work too much. I think these cover all of the bases, they provide a much needed comfort and distraction. I think the only one I don't agree with is The Pirates of the Caribbean. That film always sends me to sleep which I suppose is not a bad thing if I am unwell. hehehe

I think if you are taking a sick day you need a series of films so Harry Potter is perfect, all the Toy Story films and the Lord of the Rings trilogy too. They can easily fill a day. 

I hope you are all feeling well but what is your go to film when you are unwell?

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  1. I like quite a few on here especially Harry Potter, Mary Poppins and Toy Story. My all time favourite though is The Lost Boys. x