Thursday 10 February 2022

The 25 most dreaded questions according to parents.

When my two girls were little there were things that I dreaded them asking. Simple things like going to the park when I had planned to have an easy day or if they could tip all the Lego out on the floor. I would die a little inside when these things were asked.

New research of the nation’s parents has revealed the top 25 questions which mums and dads secretly dread.

Top of the list was the dreaded, “Can I make slime?” with over a third of parents (35 percent) admitting it’s the question they fear most. I used to dread messy play even when the girls said they would help tidy up. Messy play is great if it's raining but the clue in the name means that it's messy. I would always fall for the girls false promises. They would never help with the clean up and I never learned and would fall for it again and again. Painting was always the worst, they would end up covered, the table covered and usually the floor too. lol

My girls covered in paint

The 25 most dreaded questions according to parents are:

Can I make slime?
Can I play on your phone?
Can I get the glitter out?
Can I get the Play-Doh out?
Can I draw on the walls?
When can I have a mobile phone?
Can my friends stay for a sleepover?
Can I tip all the toys out?
Can I have tiktok?
Can I stay up late?
Can I download this game?
Can I play with your makeup?
How do you get nail varnish off the carpet?
Can I do your makeup?
Can I paint my nails?
Can I have Snapchat?
Can I make a potion?
Can I ride my scooter in the house?
Can I buy this movie on your online account?
When can I have a TV in my room?
Can I give the dog a haircut?
Can we build a den with all the cushions and blankets in the house?
Can I order a pizza?
Can we do papier mache?
Can I have a bath bomb?

Some of these are easy to get out of especially when your children are younger. There was no way my girls were getting a mobile phone before they were in the last year of primary school and walked home without me and social media has an age rule which we have always stuck to.

Becky was never interested in make up but Ellie was. I would let her play with my make up and we used to have lots of fun. She would do her own make up and then do her own.

My youngest with a face of make up

When Ellie asked to use my make up it was fine but it was when she didn't ask we would have the problem. One time a good few years ago she got into my make up, wrecked it all and covered herself. Even showering her didn't get it all off. I can laugh about it now but didn't at the time.

Wrecked make up

Can my friends stay for a sleepover or even come over just for a visit still fills me with dread even though my girls are 14 and 19 years old. I admit it is easier now compared to when they were younger but I still feel like I have to put a show on, making sure they're all fed and definitely no farting or walking around with no bra on. lol

Can I give the dog a haircut did make me chuckle. We have never had a dog with both girls but it did make me think back to when the girls were playing quietly, probably too quietly and Becky came walking out of their bedroom asking if she could cut Ellie's hair. She already had and Ellie had cut hers too. Oops. I didn't know kids safety scissors could cut hair until then.

What questions do you dread being asked from your children?

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  1. My mom and aunt have a makeup story just like that... about me! When I was little and we were visiting my aunt in North Carolina they put me down for a nap but instead I got into my mom's makeup and got it everywhere. I ruined my mom's makeup, my aunt's sheets, my clothes. My mom still posts that photo of me every few years on Facebook as a reminder. LOL. Gosh I am so glad I had boys sometimes. :)

  2. Haha! I am crying at that first pic of Ellie with her little black face. Oh that's brilliant!
    Painting always goes wrong here. It almost always ends up somewhere it shouldn't. x

  3. Your children actually ask if they can tip all the toys out, mine never did, they just got on with things and I found out later as I stumbled across things. Thanks for linking with #pocolo

  4. Haha this made me chuckle, bloody hate glitter as well lol x #mmbc

  5. I have 2 sons and, back in the day, the most dreaded question (among many!) was 'Can we paint our Warhammer figures?' ! #pocolo