Tuesday 25 August 2020

Having the kids friends over is the thing I dread the most!

With the summer holidays in full swing, researchers polled British parents around the pitfalls of keeping kids entertained and found hosting play dates is the thing we usually dread the most. Overall, 84 percent of parents claim having other people’s children over to play is an “extremely stressful” experience.

I have always hated my girls having play dates, especially when they were younger. I hated having to organise something for them to do and keep them under control. It is much easier now the girls are older and I am quite glad that Coronavirus happening and only one of my girls can have one friend over at a time. hehehe There is a silver lining to the pandemic.

Before lockdown when Becky had her girlfriend over and Ellie had her best friend over and maybe a couple of other friends it was a little chaotic. There is 5 or 6 years between the 2 groups but they do get on. Phew! I think Ellie & her friends look up to Becky and her girlfriend & they think Ellie and her friends are cute. lol

The age my girls are now I don't have to worry about toys being all over the place and the house being trashed, my biggest worry is making sure that I have enough batteries for the xbox controllers and enough food in the fridge. 

That brings me on to feeding other peoples kids. I do stress about that. Becky's girlfriend is the fussiest eater I have ever know. Who doesn't have mash and gravy on a roast dinner? lol Usually I stick with food that I know all kids/teenagers love. Cheese & tomato pizza, spaghetti bolognese or fajitas. One day Becky was late in telling me that "A" was stopping for tea and I was making chicken fajitas, her being the fussy eater I was worried. She'd never eaten fajitas before but was willing to give them a try, she did and she loved them. She made me write down the ingredients and how to make them and has became obsessed with them. She now makes them at home at least once a week. lol

Becky has got to the point where she is asking if "A", her girlfriend can stay the night. When I was a teenager I wasn't allowed a boy to sleep over until I was about Becky's age and then I certainly wasn't allowed to share a bed with them or even a room which Becky is wanting. The only time I could get away with sleeping in the same room as a boyfriend in my parents house is when we took duvets downstairs and slept in the living room. There is an upside to Becky having the smallest bedroom and a single bed, there is no way they could sleep in there comfortably so I am thinking about suggesting they do what I did as a teen and camp out downstairs. There is always that fear that someone will come downstairs in the night and hopefully that will put them off you know what. 

I love my girls friends but I do always breath a sigh of relief when they go home and I can relax, fart in peace and spill food down my top like I do when it's just me and my family here. hehehe

Do you dread your children's friends coming over?


  1. You just made me snort coke through my nose ! lol

  2. When I was raising my kids I dreaded having friends over! I thought there was something wrong with me lol. Good to know it isn't just me!

  3. Hi Kim, I used to dread the children having friends over, some were better than others to cope with, but I always found it stressful. That is one thing I don't miss now they are all grown up.


  4. hahaha, your last comments made me giggle out loud. When my eldest were young we always had a house full of kids, their friends, my friends and their kids, the house was a constant mess and I didn't care. Food was pizza, or sausage and chips, anything quick and easy. I loved the house being noisy and hated my kids moaning of boredom when no-one else was around. I think with my younger kids I enjoy the peace more, having kids around now is too much hard work. And they don't seem to have has many friends as my elder two had. Plus, they can keep in touch on their screens. They never shut up! x