Saturday 29 August 2020

Week 35 of #Project366 - A photo every day for a year!

A couple of weeks ago I was complaining about being too hot and now it seems like we've jumped to Autumn, it's got rather chilly. So far I am refusing to put the heating on. It's still ruddy August. lol

We have had quite a busy week. Stu had Tuesday off work because of the rain. He mostly works outside and was told not to go in as there was no inside jobs to do so he painted our bedroom. Finally! It's been on our to do list for weeks and I have been preparing for Ellie's 13th birthday which is today.

Now for a photo every day!

My fella and my daughter looking through the memory boxes
A look out of my living room window and a black and orange butterfly
Paint pots and the paint on the walls.
Cosy socks and a wax melt burner.

235/366 - 22nd August
About once a year Stu and the girls always like to have a look through all the memory boxes. Saturday was that day and they spent a good couple of hours looking through everything. I am a bit of a hoarder when it comes to things like this and have tons of paintings from them in nursery and reception class, all the hospital letters, first outfits and shoes and of course all the school reports.

236/366 - 23rd August
It was so dark in here on Sunday afternoon.

237/366 - 24th August
There were so many butterflies in the back garden on Monday. They are very camera shy and wouldn't stay still for long so I could get many photos.

238/366 - 25th August
Stu made a start on painting our bedroom using the leftover paint from the hallway and the purple donated from my dad's paint shed. 

239/366 - 26th August
I finished off the glossing and then our bedroom was done! I love it. The only room we have left to decorate in the house is the dining room and we're in no rush to do that yet.

240/366 - 27th August
The cosy socks were out and I even found myself getting a blanket out too later in the evening.

241/366 - 28th August
It felt like a day to burn some wax melts. I lit the candle and it instantly felt cosier in here.

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  1. The Autumnal weather does seem to have hit early, doesn't it. I love looking through memory boxes too

  2. Well done on getting the bedroom decorated - you've done a lot in the last few months. It has been cold hasn't it? The summer duvet was too thin so I had to get some throws out to warm the bed up.

  3. Happy birthday to the newest teenager. I too am a hoarder in regards to keep sakes and memory boxes of the kids.

  4. I put some fluffy socks on the other day, it was cold, how I missed them :)

  5. I was just telling my Mum the other day on the phone that the weather is all of a sudden very autumnal. Haven't switched on the heating yet, but put a warmer woollen blanket on top of our light one to keep me warm in the night. Your socks look cosy! Happy birthday to Ellie!
    Memory boxes is such a good idea! And well done on decorating another room! Nice colours.

  6. We've been sitting under blankets and my sippers have come out in the evenings. So cold suddenly.

  7. Yay to the decorating getting done!

    It definitely has been feeling colder but I am refusing to put the heating on just yet!

    Oh such a lovely idea re memory boxes...I have some of there things here, there and everywhere.....should put them in one place.

  8. The change in the weather has been crazy - we seemed to go from 30+ degree heat to Autumn overnight. Lovely to sit down and look through the memory boxes. I love that purple paint in your bedroom, what a lovely colour. #project366

  9. Wow I love the sound of the memory box. My mum recently gave me some of my old school work. We haven't done something like this for the boys. Perhaps we should go back over the things we have!

  10. It's been decidedly cold and autumnal here this week too, but I thought maybe it was psychological because I'd just gone back to work and my brain was telling me that the summer is over ! Love the purple paint and those socks look so cosy :)

  11. I agree with you it definitely feels like its cooled! I am wrapping up in the house, my dressing gown is back in action! Awww how fab that they have memory boxes, bet they will treasure those when they are older! Love the cosy socks might have to dig mine out!

  12. Our heating came on! There is a definite chill in the evenings and my dressing gown has made a few appearances. Love the purple paint. #project366

  13. It's great that you keep memory boxes. My family keeps all our precious memories safe in books and boxes and going through them always makes me exhilarated. Great that your bedroom is done! Cute socks and candle holder

  14. Its been so cold hasnt it? We are on oil and seriously thinking about stocking up. Love the paint colours for the bedroom. I really need to get some new socks, I am wondering if we are going to be at home a lot this winter I may try and make some! Hope Ellie had a lovely birthday

  15. The weather has really turned now, I'm feeling the cold a LOT more and have even resorted to turning the heating on for a quick blast. Thought I could last a little longer!
    Fab you got Stu cracking on the painting when he had a day off! I still need to find the motivation to paint! Hope you are all having a lovely week! Sim x

  16. The Autumnal weather does seem to have hit early, although I do love boots and jumpers it brings too. I love looking through memory boxes, I need to update them xx