Friday 14 August 2020

This week my Word of the Week is: Hot! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:

It has to be doesn't it! This week has been stupidly hot! On Tuesday night I had the worst nights sleep ever! I think I saw every hour on the clock until about 7am. I did think about getting up then but then I managed to drift off and sleep until the thunder started at about 9am. I had such a stuffy nose and there was no air at all in my bedroom. It left me in such a foul mood but thankfully had a better nights sleep on Wednesday night and on Thursday it had cooled down greatly. 

I was dreading going shopping on Monday in the heat to do the last of the back to school shopping and Ellie's birthday shopping. The bus ride there feared me the most, buses are warm at the best of times but of course now you have to wear a mask. The first 10 minutes felt like torture but then my body seemed to get used to wearing it and I was fine. Phew! 

Town didn't seem too busy and social distanced shopping is brilliant! There is no one barging past, there's plenty of space and there's no one getting in your face.

We of course had our yearly argument while shopping for shoes. I don't know what it is about shoe shopping but it makes both Ellie and I angry. I knew Ellie has gone up from a size 5 to a 6 but the shoes she tried on were a little tight so she tried a size 7, there is no way she's a size 7. I think the six will have stretched but I've warned her that if the size 7's stretch there is no nipping to the shop to get new one's as the shop is now a bus ride away and if she does need the size smaller in September they will be coming out of her pocket money.

We did get everything we needed from town. Ellie had a good shop in Primark for her birthday and realised that the girls section of clothes is not for her. It's all either too girly or cropped so she ended up getting a lot from the boys section.

The amount of times the girls have said they were too hot this past week has been crazy. We coped by not doing a lot at all. We have stayed in for the rest of the week mostly spending time on electronics and watching films. Anything where we've not had to move is good.

I hope it stays cool over the next couple of days because the kids and I have a birthday cake to make for Stu's birthday on Sunday and I don't fancy being in a hot kitchen for hours.


  1. Ahh your tales of shopping for school hit a chord - we don't need uniform but we have to get all the exercise books, pens and stuff (each teacher says the size, number of pages and sometimes colour of the exercise book for their subject - it's a nightmare, especially if you have more than one child). Well, unsurprisingly, we ended up having an argument too ! It all calmed down once we'd finished though ! It's been stupidly hot here as well, but now we're heading into a week of rain apparently. It's all or nothing !

  2. I've had to make two birthday cakes in the heat so far, so good luck with Stu's. Well done on your shopping trip. I have trouble with shoe sizes because I have long toes. I don't feel comfortable in a six, but a 7 will slip off all the time. It's annoying, especially when you can't get half sizes. I'm glad it's a bit cooler, I thought my head was going to explode with the pressure. It will be sad if that's the end of summer though. This time last year we were in Cornwall and the weather wasn't very good. x

  3. Well done on braving the shopping trip. I love the social distancing in shops now, no more space invaders yay!
    The weather has been unbearable hasn't it?! Trying to get some sleep was a nightmare, it made me a right old grumpy bum hehe. xx

  4. We've got shoe shopping this weekend. Not looking forward to it. It has been hot this week. It's been good to have some rain to clear the air. I've only had to wear a mask once and you're right about it getting easier once you've worn it for awhile. I'm sure we won't give it a second thought before long. Hope your kitchen is cool enough for a your cake baking. #wotw

  5. Yes can relate and so grateful that it is now over and the fresh air is lovely X

  6. It has been SO hot! I went to see family in Scotland and packed some jumpers, big mistake. Thankfully Mum and Dad have a huge parasol in the garden, so I spent most of the week hiding from the sun under there. I feel terrible for wishing the summer away, but I'm definitely ready for autumn weather now! I hope your cake worked out OK and didn't melt :P #WotW

  7. Last week was so hot; it's been a relief to have the storms cooling things down. Glad you had a good shopping trip into town - I'm braving town next week so fingers crossed it will be okay. Hope that Ellie's new shoes will be okay for her. #WotW