Saturday 8 August 2020

Week 32 of #Project366 - A photo every day for a year!

I have had a good week. There isn't much to write about which I haven't already said in my Word of the Week blog post. We haven't really been up to much over the past week and it's boring me, never mind you reading here.

Next week should be more fun, we're going into town to do a bit of back to school and birthday shopping. Hopefully we will get everything we need so we won't have to go back for a while.

Now for a photo every day.

My fella mowing the grass and a screenshot of the loading screen for the mobile game Township
New handles on the kitchen units and my teen with her hair in a ponytail.
My youngest sorting out the washing.
A tshirt I bought for Stu with Daryl off The Walking Dead on a a craft kit.

214/366 - 1st August
Stu got to work in the garden. Cutting the grass, weeding and getting the wildflowers under control. They were becoming a little too wild and growing into the path.

215/366 - 2nd August
I almost forgot to take a photo for Sunday. I had laid down in bed and remembered I hadn't taken one so took a screenshot of my favourite game to play on my mobile, Township! 

216/366 - 3rd August
Stu put the new door handles on the kitchen cupboards. I did tell him he should have waited until we had painted them but what do I know.

217/366 - 4th August
Becky wore her hair up for the first time in ages. She looked so strange, I am used to her wearing her hair down.

218/366 - 5th August
Ellie wanted something to do so I suggested she could sort and fold the washing. It's a job she loves doing so she was happy.

219/366 - 6th August
Stu wanted some clothes for his birthday and I have bought him this Walking Dead t-shirt. I quite fancy claiming it for myself. Daryl is my favourite character.

220/366 - 7th August
A prize I won from Rachael Jess blog arrived, a craft kit. It kept Ellie busy all afternoon.

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  1. You say you had a boring week then you find all these great photos ! Lovely to see the girls helping out (and the hubby - he never seems to stop ! lol). Agghhh you've just reminded me, I need to do the back-to-school shopping too.

  2. The new handles look fab and I love your daughter with her hair up, it suits her

  3. The handles look great....agree with you though! I would have painted them first.

    Nice to see the girls love sorting the laundry! The eldest does it but hates doing it!

    Well done on the craft win.

  4. Pretty good if you've got a child who likes folding clothes. We used to do it as kids in front of the tv. I'm the same, our weeks are boring, just the same over and over again. Relaxing apart from the stress of cooking at the moment, but boring to relate!

  5. Well done on your win. The handles look good - hope you don't get paint on them.

  6. Glad Ellie likes helping around the house, makes a change to hear this. Well done on the win, don't worry about the handles, just take them off again when you paint. Stu is doing a good job with the garden

  7. Great to have helpers. I'd love to change the handles on our kitchen units too - those ones look lovely #366

  8. I wish I could get help with the laundry! The craft kit looks like something my daughter would love. #project366

  9. Township looks like a cute game. Yeah I've always seen Becky with her hair open, feels strange. Must be a comfort that Ellie loves folding clothes. Cool, a Walking Dead T-shirt

  10. Well done on winning the craft kit. I love that Ellie enjoys sorting and folding clothes. Becky does look very different with her hair up. #project366

  11. I could do with a new mobile game will have to try Township. Wow Ellie is well trained actually wanting to help and enjoying it. Can she give my boys some tips! Well done on your win! x

  12. Look at all these great photos, looks like a fun week to me. Lovely to see the girls helping out. Well done girls x

  13. Yay for help with the laundry that would never happen in our house. Lovely win too, hope she had fun with it. I have never watched Waking the Dead I hope he enjoys his new tee.