Saturday 22 August 2020

Week 34 of #Project366 - A photo every day for a year!

Another week has flown over despite us not doing much at all for most of the week. We've been out for a couple of walks and all the usual housework and the kids playing on their electronics but that's about it. We have had a few things to celebrate. Stu's birthday, Becky getting her results from college. A C in her English GCSE and a C in the Health & Social Care course and of course 11 years since the girls had their heart surgeries.

Now for a photo every day!

My girls wrapping some presents and my fellas birthday cards
A lunch bag in the shape of an orange slice
My youngest playing on Fortnite and my teen with her back to the camera showing her long hair
A can of ant and cockroach killer and an Oreo doughnut.

228/366 - 15th August
The kids had the job of wrapping all of Stu's birthday presents. They did well but did use a little too much sellotape. Stu had quite the job of opening them. He will get his revenge with the girls birthdays coming up. hehehe

229/366 - 16th August
Some of Stu's cards for his birthday. He had a lovely day despite not doing much. 

230/366 - 17th August
The fantastic lunch bag we were sent to review.

231/366 - 18th August
Ellie playing Fortnite on her computer. She was playing with her friend in a team and having a good old shout even though her friend was at her home and couldn't hear her. lol

232/366 - 19th August
I think this is the longest Becky has ever had her hair. The red dye she had on is just about all washed out and now she's thinking about going purple.

233/366 - 20th August
The ant spray was my friend on Thursday. We were invaded by flying ants. I did start by catching them in a plastic cup and throwing them out of the window but more and more kept coming. It turns out they were coming in from a vent under the radiator. I sprayed all over the vent and out ant powder down. There was about 30 in here at one point. Eek! Since I sprayed there has been no more. Phew!

234/366 - 21st August
When we get the food shopping delivered I always buy us some treats and I got us all an Oreo doughnut. They are so good!

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  1. Happy birthday to Stu and well done to Becky!

    That lunch bag does look pretty cool and the doughnuts look sooo good!

  2. Happy belated birthday to Stu.
    Her hair is long.
    next door seems to have a lot of ants lately as well.

  3. Happy belated birthday to Stu! Well done to Becky! Eek @ the flying ants, I'd be freaking out. Glad the spray helped to eradicate the problem. The lunch bag looks very pretty. My guys love Oreo doughnuts, I sometimes buy them in the Co-Op.

  4. Cool lunchbag. Ooh I do love doughnuts. Doing online food shopping means I've not had a krispy kreme for months. I really fancy one now!

  5. Hope the birthday went well, Well done Becky, good results. Love that lunchbag #366

  6. Happy belated birthday to Stu. Hope he had a good day. Well done to Becky. Goodness about the flying ants. I am glad the spray helped x

  7. Lots of fabulous things to celebrate last week! A huge well done to Becky on her results and happy belated birthday to Stu! Hope you all celebrated in style!
    That lunchbox is super funky, I love it! Nevermind Liv, I would totally use it! Hope you are all having a lovely week! Sim x

  8. Yuk to the flying ants. I returned to Dubai to an invasion of ants from a pot plant that swiftly got thrown away. Happy Birthday to Stu, love Becky's hair that length looks great. Well done with the GCSE results and wow to 11 years since surgery

  9. Well done to Becky on her results. Hope Stu had a nice birthday. I used to use a bit too much tape when wrapping too – always made presents fun to open! Love that lunch bag. Becky’s hair is very long. Being invaded by flying ants is not fun, glad they’ve not been back. #project366

  10. What is with insects at the moment? Fingers crossed, I haven't seen another maggot since our fateful night, so that was purely a one-off. Hope your ants are the same. Happy belated birthday to Stu and well done Becky for the exam results :)

  11. Happy Birthday to Stu and well done Becky on the results. Father Christmas always gets moaned at for using too much tape! I need that lunch bag for myself looks great. Urgh hate flying ants we normally struggle in the garden but so far nothing, hope it stays that way. x

  12. Well done of the results and Happy Birthday Stu

  13. Happy Birthday Stu.Well done to Becky on her results.Her hair does look long.

  14. Well done to Becky for her results! May they help her achieve her goals. Hahaaha I bet he will take his revenge, it's annoying having to tear through all that tape. Cute cards and lunch bag. Purple's a good colour, I'm thinking about dying my hair ambre in purple as well. OoOOoO Oreo doughnut

  15. Congrats to Becky on her results! Love the lunch bag and we often get doughnuts with our order as a treat #project366

  16. How awesome is that lunch bag! I really love it. I am glad you had a nice week of celebrating, well done Becky and belated birthday wishes Stu. Yikes glad you sorted out the ant problem!