Friday 7 August 2020

This week my Word of the Week is: Good! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:

Over the past couple of weeks I have felt stuck in a rut. Everything is too samey. I was even struggling to write blog posts. I felt like I had lost my blogging mojo and even wrote about it. After posting that blog post I must have took the pressure off myself and was up bright and early and wrote 5 blog posts over a few hours.

I might have found some things to write about for other blog posts but this Word of the Week post was a struggle. It was hard to choose a word to describe our week. I could write about our noisy neighbours or Becky's new part time job but the time isn't right. Becky has only worked a few hours and she's still on trial. I want to see how it goes before I write anything here. She's enjoying it and it's giving her something to do.

So this week my word of the week is good! It has been a good week. Not a great one but not a bad one either, like I said everything is very samey but good things have happened.

I woke up on Saturday to find my dad parked on my driveway using my Wi-Fi. lol He has had issues with his internet provider so is changing suppliers but they are taking their time setting him up so all week he has been coming here to use my internet. He came in and sat down in the living room one day and Ellie and Becky were playing Fortnite. Ellie didn't know he was here and was shouting at Becky from the dining room. He certainly saw a different side to her. Usually she's a goody two shoes in front of her grandad and he's never heard her bossy side. hehehe

I got Stu's birthday presents delivered. I have been that organised in getting the girls presents sorted I totally forgot about Stu's in the middle of this month. He was easy to buy for this year, he wanted some new work trousers and some t-shirts. I have also bought him a new spanner set that he had been umming and ahing about buying himself. I have also booked a shopping delivery the day before Ellie's birthday to get her cake which she has already chosen.

Ellie had been looking on Google maps for different routes for us to take when we go out on our bikes. She found us a new one to try and me and her went out and had a couple of hours cycling. We did end up on a busy road which I wasn't too keen on so we decided it was safer on the footpath, there were no people about so it was fine and it was all was good after that. Next time we'll have to take Becky.

We have decided that next week we're going to go into town. It will be the first time since before the lockdown started. I want to get the last of the birthday stuff for Stu & Ellie, stationary stuff for the girls going back to school and college and school shoes for Ellie. I am feeling surprisingly OK about venturing out, I am feeling more stressed about the thought of having to queue to get into the shops.


  1. It's funny to see how differently our kids act around other people isn't it. My kids are all different when their older sister is around, probably because she don't take no nonsense...honestly, she never wants to be a Mum but she has a good go at parenting her siblings, 'don't sit like that' 'turn the light on your screen down' 'you shouldn't be watching that' etc. It's not wonder everyone scatters when she gets home, lol. Good luck with your shopping. I'm not ready yet, but I'm sending Graham and oldest daughter to the Supermarket tomorrow. She needs food for lunch at work, but won't help me with the online shopping.
    Thanks for joining in with #wotw x

  2. You sound so organised with the birthday presents. I like it when they tell me what they want. So much easier. I need to start sorting out schools stuff too. Start of term will be upon us before I know it. Glad you've found a new bike route. Nice to shake it up. Shame about the busy road. Hope you enjoy your shopping trip. #wotw

  3. It’s tricky sometimes to find the right word to sum up the week, isn’t it? I’m glad writing the post about losing your blogging mojo helped you to find it again. Your dad parking on your driveway to use your WiFi made me chuckle. Glad Stu was easy to buy for – you’ve reminded me that it’s my husband’s birthday this month and he is always very difficult to buy for so I’d better get my thinking cap on quick! Hope you have a good trip into town next week. #WotW