Saturday 15 August 2020

Week 33 of #Project366 - A photo every day for a year!

It has been a strange week. For most of it I had no motivation at all and I am blaming the heat. All I wanted to do was sit still and not sweat! I was glad when the cooler weather arrived on Thursday but that only lasted until Friday lunchtime when it started to warm back up. Thankfully there was a bit of a breeze. I have struggled with taking photos this week as we've not done much.

Now for a photo every day!

Boxes of fruit crisps
Cottage pie and my two girls chatting.
My youngest playing The Sims on her PC and a pile of washing waiting to be folded and put away.
Tiny tomatoes which have just started growing and a tub of coleslaw

221/366 - 8th August
We tried out some fruit crisps. I half expected next door to ask why I was taking photos of boxes and packets. I know she was looking.

222/366 - 9th August
I made a cottage pie for our tea. I must have been mad, I almost melted. In hindsight I should have cooked it earlier in the day before the sun hit the kitchen window. It was tasty though.

223/366 - 10th August
Waiting for the bus to go and do the last of the back to school and birthday shopping. I have no idea what they were talking about. I am guessing masks and having to wear them on the bus which wasn't actually that bad considering it was so warm.

224/366 - 11th August
Ellie playing on The Sims. If you do play the Sims 4 and are interested in some of the newer expansion packs I read yesterday on Digital Spy that they have a sale on at the moment with most of the packs half price which I am rather annoyed about. They always have a sale just after I buy an expansion pack. 

225/366 - 12th August
More washing to put away. It stayed there until Thursday.

226/366 - 13th August
I have tomatoes growing finally! I planted the first lot at the start of lockdown and they didn't grow then these in pots ages ago and they finally grew and then I moved them outside where they've came on leaps and bounds. Now we just need them to turn red so we can pick them.

227/366 - 14th August
Homemade coleslaw by my dad. We love the coleslaw from our local takeaway and my dad is the only one cheeky enough to ask for the recipe, not only that he asked how to make it and the pizza man showed him. He made a batch and brought some for me. When he gets half an hour he's going to show me how to make it. It is amazing and tastes just like from the takeaway shop.

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  1. it's funny to think of you guys in the heat while here it is winter...

  2. My washing pile is neverending, the putting away is the worst, second only to the sorting. The veggie crips sound interesting, I have tried another brand but we were not keen

  3. The girls look very deep in conversation. Your tomatoes look great. Well done to your dad for having the cheek to ask for the coleslaw recipe!

  4. We've had a quiet week too - too hot to do anything much ! Hmm love the sound of homemade coleslaw. Love the look of your cottage pie - I wimped out and avoided cooking on the hottest days of the week ! lol

  5. Not too sure about fruit crisps. I'm not a fan of vegetable crisps either. That coleslaw looks delicious. I'm lazy and always buy it.

  6. totally agree been way to hot to be alive, a sign of things to come with global warming I guess. For us at least DD2's kitchen is shaded by tea time.
    Fruit crisps don't do it for me.

  7. It has been too hot to do much. I've felt the same. Glad the tomatoes are on the way. Mine are still green too.

  8. I love homemade cole slaw as I'm a big cabbage fan. #MMBC

  9. The girls look very deep in conversation. Your tomatoes look great, one day I will try to give growing this a go. Well done to your dad on asking for the coleslaw recipe x

  10. LOL I went on strike when it was that hot - salad or salad for dinner. That cottage pie does look lush though #366

  11. We've luckily escaped the heat wave and thunderstorms, while staying in Cornwall. You're funny, what would you say to your neighbour, if she asked? Your tomatoes look good. We have lots and lots, and they are all green. I was hoping that after all the heat, I'll have some ripe tomatoes, but nope, just a few cherry ones, while the bigger ones are very green. I'd love that coleslaw recipe, when your Dad shares with you, if you don't mind telling the secret recipe.

  12. Your dad is the same as me, I’d ask also. I cooked a roast on Wednesday, nearly killed me in the heat. Well done with the tomatoes and did you tell your neighbour what you were doing?

  13. It was a bit of a struggle with the heat, wasn't it? I was relieved when the cooler weather arrived too. Love the look of that coleslaw and glad that your tomatoes are starting to grow. Ours have just started appearing too. #project366

  14. I could eat cottage pie whatever the weather I think! I love comfort food. We seem to be having lots of rain now so I am missing the sun. I would like a happy medium not too hot or cold but a bit less rain! That was nice of your dad to make you the coleslaw you like so much :)

  15. I grew some tomatoes as well and gave the plants to my parents to grow in their garden. They finally have some and had a couple of red ones today!

    How nice of them to tell you how to make the coleslaw!

  16. The heat was unbearable and I had bought soup: really regretted that! We've finally had some tomatoes from our garden, my dad gives us plants every year #project366

  17. Hahaha feeling judged? I agree it is so hot in the kitchen that I bake at night. Congrats on the tomatoes. The cole slaw looks so creamy and delicious

  18. Yay for tomatoes well done they look like great plants. Ours did not go well this year. My neighbours think I am barmy I am sure1 Coleslaw looks really good I would have asked too if I thought I would have got away with it!