Saturday 1 August 2020

Week 31 of #Project366 - A photo every day for a year!

What a scorcher of a day it was yesterday. I went to my dad's and could have happily just laid down half way home when I found a tiny place with a bit of a breeze. It felt like I was melting. It's not even that far away, only a 15 minute walk. lol

I have been trying to write this blog post for a good few hours but it was one of those days where everyone wanted my attention. I can't even just blame the kids. There's been people knocking at the door, phone calls, my dad brought his laptop because he needed some help with something. 

Now for a photo every day.

2 packets of pork crackling
The sky with fluffy white clouds
A bowl of stuffing and 2 Harry Potter masks
My youngest on her way to bed and my teen on video chat to her girlfriend
A notification from PayPal saying I had been paid from a survey site.

207/366 - 25th July
Stu and I tried out some Awfully Posh Pork Crackling over the weekend. It was very nice indeed!

208/366 - 26th July
The blue sky and clouds were lovely on Sunday. They were the type you could lay under and see things in them.

209/366 - 27th July
My favourite type of stuffing. Tesco Finest Cranberry and apple stuffing. It goes so well with a roast dinner. I thought it was just a Christmas thing but they have kept on selling it.

210/366 - 28th July
I ordered Ellie and her friend a new mask each off eBay. They're both a little obsessed with Harry Potter.

211/366 - 29th July
Ellie on her way to bed after a day out with her friend. She was shattered after being at the beach. That sea air really did do the trick.

212/366 - 30th July
Becky video chatting with her girlfriend.

213/366 - 31st July
I started using Prolific early on this year after Katy Kicker mentioned it. It's a website where you get paid for taking part in studies and surveys. I used to cash out when I reached the minimum £5 but I saved for just over a couple of month and cashed out £53.78 yesterday. It's not going to make me a fortune but every penny helps. I just leave the website open when I have my laptop on and do the studies when they come up.

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  1. The Prolific website sounds good, that is a decent amount of money to earn. I love the Harry Potter masks, we have ours made for our houses

  2. I haven't tried the crackling in ages. The sky is such a beautiful sight. Love your Harry Potter masks, maybe I should get one for Eddie. The sea air is wonderful. How do you prepare the pre-made stuffing? Just add boiling water and bake? Well done on earning a good amount of Prolific. I haven't heard of it before.

  3. I've been doing prolific surveys too - but struggle during the week with work, so I miss a lot. But still made over £60 since March. Easier than affiliate income! And I do love doing surveys.

  4. Ellie does look tired in the photo and Becky looks very happy chatting to her girlfriend. That is a really good amount of money for taking part in the surveys. I enjoy doing surveys and didn't realise I could sign up to do them and get paid.

  5. Aww Ellie looks happy but tired ! Lovely to see Becky looking so happy too :) The survey site sounds great - a good way to earn some extra cash. I must go and have a look. The masks look great - I wonder how long we'll have to wear them for. Is this part of the "new normal" ? :-/

  6. the sea air is good for tiring you out
    Often feel with these surveys they take 15 mins or more for pennies reward.
    That looks like one happy daughter, love her tablet prop

  7. I love those masks, and I’m a sucker for a beautiful sky photo. I grew up by the sea and used to be exhausted after a day on the beach, it’s that fresh air. Looks like a busy week for you all.

  8. OOh I love the Harry Potter masks and the blue skies. Your girls are always cuties - hope you have a great week! #MMBC

  9. Going to check that website out - need a few pennies at moment. love the sky shot. Like the sound of those pork scratchings - my weakness! #365

  10. I’ll have to look out for the Awfully Posh pork crackling – it sounds yummy. Love the Harry Potter masks. Sea air does tire you out. I’ve not heard of Prolific before but that’s a good amount to earn doing surveys. #project366

  11. Its been a while since I used a survey site, I kept getting not selected after spending 5 minutes filling the thing out. Will have a look at Prolific! Sounds like you got to enjoy the weather which is always a bonus!

  12. Well just because one is at home doesn't mean one isn't busy. The sky looks amazing! Cool masks. Great that Ellie and Becky are enjoying time with friends. Nice way to earn monyey.

  13. Prolific is such a fab idea, I love it and have had some seriously interesting surveys on it! Those Hrry Potter masks are ace, I'm all for rocking a funky mask right now! Hope you are having a quieter week and you are all well! Sim x

  14. Sea air always does the trick! I signed up to profilic back in Feb I think it was and to date made around £80. Every little helps!

    Love that sky pic.

  15. Bless you, am glad you managed to finish your post in the end! Tesco Finest Cranberry and apple stuffing that sounds gorgeous! I usually just have the Tesco normal version but I could be tempted. Excellent mask choice there too. Mine are a little boring. I need to get more adventurous masks.

  16. I need to try Prolific. I am also a huge fan of stuffing, although we have to make ours gluten free. #p365 from last week. Sorry it's slightly late

  17. I think my husband would like the posh pork crackling and my eldest is harry potter mad!I did sign up to Profilic when we first got locked down with all god intentions but I now cant find the time - really should go back to it as I wanted to save up for a treat for me!

  18. Ooh I will take a look at Prolific as every penny is needed right now. Love the HP masks #project366

  19. I haven't tried crackling before. The sky is beautiful. Love your Harry Potter masks. Well done on earning a good amount of Prolific. I haven't heard of it before. Sounds interesting xx