Friday 11 February 2022

This week my Word of the Week is: Waiting! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:


This week feels like I have done a lot of waiting around. Some good and a little bit which has left me feeling quite anxious. 

Due to Becky having exams last week she was only at work one night over the weekend and it feels like it was a blessing in disguise. A handful of residents had tested positive for Covid and as it's a care home there was no way of avoiding those people especially when they need care. Becky was in full PPE with double masks, gloves and thankfully so far has managed to stay negative. She did a PCR test on Tuesday which she was ordered to by her manager but to be honest I would have waited until Wednesday or yesterday to do it but they supposedly know best. That came back negative, she has no symptoms and we have all been doing lateral flow tests, all negative. Phew! It had me feeling quite anxious at the start of the week but thankfully it came to nothing.

I feel like we are just waiting to catch Covid at the moment, everyone we know has had it at least once, some even twice. Now with Boris Johnson's announcement the other day saying that all restrictions will be lifted at the end of the month it feels like just a matter of time. I think it's ridiculous that people won't have to isolate if they test positive, it is the most vulnerable people that I feel for. My dad is terrified, he had Covid once when it was a thing and he thinks he had it before when it wasn't really in the news at the end of 2019. He has said if he gets it a third time it will kill him. That really scares me.

I have also been waiting for a phone call or letter with Ellie's appointment to see the neurologist about the old bleeds on her brain. We've heard nothing so far. It is horrible waiting because I want to plan things for next week but don't want to in case we get the appointment.

Next week is half term for us from school and college and I didn't realise how ready we were for it until this week. We're tired and could do with a break. We were supposed to be swapping the girls bedrooms around but that has gone out of the window as the girls have been making their own plans. Becky is out with her girlfriend on Monday for Valentine's day and Ellie is out with her friend on Tuesday. I am wanting to do something fun with the girls sometime during the week as this is going to be one of the last half terms that Becky ever has with her leaving college this year.

I am waiting to see what Stu gets me for Valentine's day as I have seem what Becky's girlfriend has got her and Becky has got her girlfriend. If I don't get something good there'll be trouble. lol

How has your week been?

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  1. I am glad Becky hasn't caught Covid. I have managed to avoid it as well but it is a case now of if I get it, then I get it, I am not going to allow myself to worry too much anymore. I do understand how anxious it could be for your Dad though. I hope you get something nice for Valentine's Day. Craig and I don't bother with anything but a card.

  2. I think it's much more worrying for vulnerable people but after being around people with Covid and not catching it myself I feel invincible! (Ok, not really, I'm still going to be really careful) both my older kids are suffering weeks later, although they are getting better. I'm pretty sure that Boo hasn't fully recovered either. It's better than it was but it's still inevitable that more will suffer and die. I think your Dad will have built up some good resistance by now so try not to worry too much. Fingers tightly crossed that Ellie gets her appointment soon. And I hope that you all have a wonderful Valentines Day. xx

  3. You crack me up about waiting to see what Stu got you for Valentines Day. If it wasn't cold and horrible outside, I think I'd go get myself a bunch of flowers and a fruit and nut or Snickers chocolate bar. Those are my favourite. I could always order them too! That's given me an idea. Enjoy the half term fun and I hope you get something nice.

  4. I bought myself flowers and chocolates already because I know my husband will probably forget about the day entirely.... he usually does but it often works to my advantage because he feels bad when I get him cards and candy and gifts and he forgot so then he goes real big after the fact. LOL. Hopefully you'll al remain Covid-free!

  5. We haven't had covid either despite the flying and working at the covid vaccination centre. I'm dreading getting it. Am starting work at a secondary school at the end of the month, have told them I will be wearing my mask, full stop to reduce the risks.

  6. Horrible waiting and wondering if you're going to be hit by Covid or a hospital letters. I can quite understand why you are impatient to book something fun for this week. Moving bedrooms around sounds like a huge job. Hope it goes well. #mmbc

  7. I know what you mean about feeling like it is just a matter of time with catching Covid and it must be extra-worrying for you with your dad as well. I'm glad Becky has managed to stay well and fingers crossed you all stay Covid-free. Hope you hear back with the neurologist appointment soon and that you manage to have some fun with the girls over half-term. We've got another week to go until ours. #WotW