Friday 25 February 2022

This week my Word of the Week is: Serene! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:


Yesterday was classed as "freedom day", all the Covid restrictions were lifted all at the same time when two countries were going to war. It seems like madness. I joked with my dad that for the last couple of years all we have worried about is Covid but now that seems the least of our worries.

Yesterday I started avoiding watching the news again. I am all for coping by burying my head in the sand and ignoring what is going on in the world. From what I have seen I feel so sad for people who are being attacked.

When it comes to Covid we are still being cautious and will be wearing masks when we're out and about. I like wearing a mask. In this weather it keeps my face warm, I pull faces behind it and might or might not mouth words to people without them seeing when they are annoying me. Becky works in a care home so she is being extra careful. She doesn't want to put anyone at risk.

I know the recent storms have done a lot of damage but Storm Eunice was a bit of a let down here. It seemed no worse than the previous storm and the one after. The wind picked up but nothing too bad. Thankfully we all stayed safe and no damage was done.

I am trying to think what I have done with my week and it's not much. The kids are back at school and college after half term so I have enjoyed having some time to myself where I have just pottered around the house, it has been lovely.

We got an appointment through from the hospital for Ellie in the Children's outpatients department and I had no clue what it was for. It could have been to see the neurologist or to get her hearing aid fitted so I gave them a ring. The receptionist was lovely and said the appointment was actually a check on Ellie's heart. With Covid happening I had completely forgotten about that check up. She is supposed to get one every year after having heart surgery when she was little to fix a hole in her heart and being left with leaking valves but the last one was in November 2019. They were only doing urgent appointments and now they are playing catch up. The receptionist said that she gets about 50 phone calls a day asking what appointments are for when they are just general outpatient one's, especially when people are waiting for more than one. We agreed they should give a hint on the letter. hehehe

I am actually looking forward to Ellie's heart check. Usually I dread them but I am hoping that the cardiologist can shed some light on the old bleeds on Ellie's brain that were found in her MRI scan as we haven't had an appointment for her Neuro appointment yet. I am in a FB group for the heart kids from the Freeman hospital on Facebook and the other day a woman was worried about her child as they had discovered old bleeds on their brain in a MRI scan that was being done for something unrelated to the heart and tons of people said don't worry, it's quite common for heart kids especially before surgery and when they have been on a heart bypass machine. That is more than I found out from Googling brain bleeds. I was just finding studies and reports. I feel very reassured.

Despite everything that is going on I feel quite serene. I haven't felt this calm in such a long time. I hope this feeling lasts.

How has your week been?

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  1. I really hope the fighting and actual terrorism ends soon. I feel awful for the people whose lives are being uprooted just like that! And also for the soldiers' families too. No doubt, lots of them will be killed. We were just about to board a flight from Bulgaria when we found out about the war! You can imagine our concern!

    We will also continue to wear our masks when we are out. Better to be safe.

    Hope the hospital visit goes well too.

  2. I too am all for burying my head in the sand and not watching the news; I know myself enough to know that I can not handle it. I do feel so bad for all those families and people stuck in the middle of a war zone. I hope the doctor's appointment goes well and you get some answers!

  3. It's awful to think about what is going on. I'm not one for shying away from the news but I have found I don't want to talk about it. I'm glad you feel more re-assured about Ellie's bleeds, it is a good idea to talk to her heart Dr to see if that's where they came from. I think as long as she is happy and healthy then there is no need to worry xx

  4. I'm so glad you've had some reassurance from the heart FB group about old brain bleeds on scans - it does sound like it is linked to Ellie's heart surgery then. Hope all goes well with her heart check-up. I have to admit that I'm with you on wanting to bury my head in the sand a bit when it comes to the news. #WotW