Tuesday 1 February 2022

In January I was grateful for... #365DaysOfGratitude

 I have seen many people on social media list something every day that they are grateful for and thought I would join in and have on my private Facebook account every day. I am hoping to continue it for the rest of the year and longer.

Today I am grateful for

Day 1 of #365DaysOfGratitude - January 1st.
Today I am grateful for a lazy start to the new year. We slept until late and have had a lovely day doing nothing much at all.

Day 2 of #365DaysOfGratitude - January 2nd
Today I am grateful for the nice weather. We got so much washing dried out on the line. The dirty washing pile isn't looking quite as big now.

Day 3 of #365DaysOfGratitude - January 3rd
Today I am grateful for finding new treats in the Co-Op. Popdots! Little balls of doughnut covered in strawberry and cream icing. My diet will start eventually.

Day 4 of #365DaysOfGratitude - January 4th
Today I am grateful for negative lateral flow tests. Back to school and college for the kids tomorrow. 

Day 5 of #365DaysOfGratitude - January 5th
Today I am grateful for being home alone. I love my family to bits but it was nice to have them all out at work, school and college so I could just potter. Absence makes the heart grow fonder and all that.

Day 6 of #365DaysOfGratitude - January 6th
Today I am grateful for overbuying treats at Christmas, we're still eating the goodies now. These cookies are so good.

Xmas pudding cookies

Day 7 of #365DaysOfGratitude - January 7th
Today I am grateful for getting the food shop delivered. The freezer is full again and it has made it feel like a Friday. I have been lost with what day it is for the past 2 weeks.

Day 8 of #365DaysOfGratitude - January 8th
Today I am grateful for a nice tea of sweet & sour chicken balls, chow mein, egg fried rice, spring rolls & salt & pepper chips. Home made, not a takeaway so saved a small fortune too.

Day 9 of #365DaysOfGratitude - January 9th
Today I am grateful for a lazy day and Netflix. Doing nothing much is a great way to prepare for a new week.

Day 10 of #365DaysOfGratitude - January 10th
Today I am grateful for my fella having his day off work, having help with the housework and a bit of company.

Day 11 of #365DaysOfGratitude - January 11th
Today I am grateful for living so close to my dad and him randomly visiting in his home made car. Becky had a ride in it too and loved it.

Dads car

Day 12 of #365DaysOfGratitude - January 12th
Today I am grateful for Ellie's school being good at communicating and nipping something in the bud before it became a much bigger thing.

Day 13 of of #365DaysOfGratitude - January 13th
Today I am grateful for a quiet, stress free day and that finally people know that Meena is a psycho on Emmerdale. Finally this storyline may end. I do love her though, she's hilarious!

Day 14 of of #365DaysOfGratitude - January 14th
Today I am grateful for a walk out in the sunshine even though it was still icy and almost slipped on my bum many times. It was a real mood booster. Having lunch out was a bonus treat too.

Day 15 of of #365DaysOfGratitude - January 15th
Today I am grateful for the NHS and an amazing nurse who made Ellie feel at ease for her MRI scan. She pulled her mask down so Ellie could understand her properly. Ellie doesn't rely on lipreading but it does help especially when she is speaking to people she doesn't know. It's the little things. 

Day 16 of #365DaysOfGratitude - January 16th
Today I am grateful for Netflix. I finished Better Call Saul and started on After Life which is fantastic!

Krispie cakes

Day 17 of #365DaysOfGratitude - January 17th
Today I am grateful for a day of pottering around the house. It has been a good day. Made a beef stew, rice krispie cakes, did the housework and got a ton of washing done.

Day 18 of #365DaysOfGratitude - January 18th
Today I am grateful for finding bargains in the reduced section of the shop. Got a few things for the freezer and some cakes.

Day 19 of #365DaysOfGratitude - 19th January
Today I am grateful for not having to wait long for another hospital appointment for Ellie. 2 weeks today we're back to see the consultant and to get her fitted for her hearing aid. 

Day 20 of #365DaysOfGratitude - 20th January
Today I am grateful for learning random facts. Ellie was doing her science homework & we found out that Platypuses don't have stomachs. You learn something new every day!

Day 21 of #365DaysOfGratitude - 21st January
Today I am grateful for my dad and the random things he has stored away. I found these little beauties in a box of shoes and boots. Ellie has wanted some Dr. Martens for ages but I've been reluctant to buy her any with her feet still growing. These have hardly been worn and look brand new after they've been polished!

Doc Martens and me

Day 22 of #365DaysOfGratitude - 22nd January
Today I am grateful for new hair. I've gone back to red. Not the best photo and my hair is still wet but it's worked out well.

Day 23 of #365DaysOfGratitude - 23rd January
Today I am grateful for a lazy Sunday. It has been lovely doing nothing.

Day 24 of #365DaysOfGratitude - 24th January
Today I am grateful for Disney Plus. I resubscribed and finally got around to catching up with The Walking Dead! (It's not as good as it used to be)

Day 25 of #365DaysOfGratitude - 25th January
Today I am grateful for hot chocolate before bed. I'm feeling all cosy and warm now. 

Day 26 of #365DaysOfGratitude - 26th January
Today I am grateful for finding new food to try. Beetroot flavoured pizza bases for lunch and I finally found the Winter Spice Twix's! They're nice!

Day 27 of #365DaysOfGratitude - 27th January
Today I am grateful for sunshine! After a few grey, gloomy days it was just what I needed.

Day 28 of #365DaysOfGratitude - 28th January
I am grateful for it being Friday and my wine chilling in the fridge. 

Day 29 of #365DaysOfGratitude - 29th January
Today I am grateful that the fence has stayed up! The wind was strong here today and last time the wind was this bad the fence came down.

Day 30 of #365DaysOfGratitude - 30th January
Today I am grateful for daffodils. Such a cheery flower.

Day 31 of #365DaysOfGratitude - 31st January
Today I am grateful for the end of January! This month has lasted forever! 

What were you grateful for in January?


  1. I have a purple amethyst that has the word Gratitude stamped on it. Each night I hold it in my hand and say what I am grateful for. I am grateful for the mild weather for this time of year and things slowly getting back to pre-covid normal.

  2. I love this! I usually do this for the month of November and have always thought it would be great to keep up for a year. It's such a positive way of looking at life.