Thursday 1 December 2022

In November I was grateful for... #365DaysOfGratitude

I have seen many people on social media list something every day that they are grateful for and thought I would join in and have on my private Facebook account every day and I thought I would share here too. I am hoping to continue it for the rest of the year and longer.

Day 306 of #365DaysOfGratitude 
Today I am grateful that I remembered to do my grateful post!
Yesterday I forgot because I was so busy doing things around the house which has meant today I have been able to have quite an easy day.

Day 307 of #365DaysOfGratitude 
Today I am grateful that I had a day at home with Stu. It's nice that he's getting a break from work.

Day 308 of #365DaysOfGratitude 
Today I am grateful that my dad has plenty of wood in his shed. We borrowed a few bits to go around the fire to make it look pretty. 

Day 309 of #365DaysOfGratitude 
Today I am grateful that we got the heating going! It's the first time we've had it on since early this year and I am sure the boiler man always changes something when he does the gas safety check in October as we always have a faff getting it working the first time at this time of year. lol

Day 310 of #365DaysOfGratitude 
Today I am grateful that I'm a Celeb is back on the TV! I do love this show!

Day 311 of #365DaysOfGratitude 
Today I am grateful for dusters! lol Who'd have thought that a few holes being drilled into the fireplace could create so much dust! I am sure there will be another layer to dust tomorrow.

our new fire

Day 312 of #365DaysOfGratitude 
Today I am grateful for online shopping! I don't usually get my food shop delivered mid-week but I am tomorrow and 90% of it is stuff to put away for Christmas.

Day 313 of #365DaysOfGratitude 
Today I am grateful that Stu managed to get home eventually! He got stuck on a call at work and thought he had missed his usual bus. It didn't matter, it didn't turn up as the driver had quit. Eek! He got in just after 9pm.

Day 314 of #365DaysOfGratitude 
Today I am grateful for a lovely day out shopping with Becky! We went to Hull and even had lunch out with a cocktail and half each. It was buy 2 get one free so we couldn't refuse the free one. lol

Lunch out

Day 315 of #365DaysOfGratitude 
Today I am grateful for the amazing hearing support worker who visits Ellie at school. She is such a lovely person and always helps us out with any questions we have about Ellie being deaf in one ear. She helped us get Ellie sorted with an appointment at the hospital to get her hearing aid fitted.

Day 316 of #365DaysOfGratitude 
Today I am grateful that the builders next door are considerate. One knocked yesterday to apologise about all the noise, they're ripping cupboards out, sanding walls and goodness knows what else. They have been loud. They said they'll be working until at least Christmas but don't want to make our lives miserable. The guy asked if anyone worked nights and I said yes, my daughter. He said what is she on for the next few days. I told him and he said he will work around her sleeping. He stuck to his word. They were noisy all morning but quietened down at 1pm just after she went to bed. I thought it was so nice of them!

Day 317 of #365DaysOfGratitude 
Today I am grateful for a lazy day watching Christmas movies.

Day 318 of #365DaysOfGratitude 
Today I am grateful for the clothes airers. I wasn't getting any washing out on the line today with all of the fog. Ugh!

Foggy weather

Day 319 of #365DaysOfGratitude 
Today I am grateful that I didn't have to go out as it chucked it down all of today. I had a nice cosy day at home.

Day 320 of #365DaysOfGratitude 
Today I am grateful for a fun time with Ellie. We had a fun afternoon even with going to the the hospital.

Day 321 of #365DaysOfGratitude 
Today I am grateful for hair dye. Gone is the washed out pink and purple and I am back to red.

Day 322 of #365DaysOfGratitude 
Today I am grateful for the builder next door. (Again). A plug socket suddenly stopped working this afternoon and I had my suspicions that with all the banging, drilling and sanding walls he'd gone right through and hit it. He hadn't, he was working at the other end of the house but offered to bring his electrical tester & see what was going on. He said a wire could have became loose inside, he even offered to fix it for free but I said I will sort it. I don't want the builder to get in trouble if he blows something or himself up. He's such a nice guy.

Day 323 of #365DaysOfGratitude 
Today I am grateful for my fella being a sneaky bugger along with my best friend from up in Northumberland. Him and her planned and conspired to go for a meal out for my birthday. She came all the way with her husband to surprise me. They certainly did that!! There was a lot of WTF's from me and tears.

me and my fella

Day 324 of #365DaysOfGratitude 
Today I am grateful for Pease pudding! As well as bringing her self and husband to visit us from up North my friend also brought me some Pease Pudding. It's one thing that doesn't exist here in North Lincolnshire! 

Day 325 of #365DaysOfGratitude 
Today I am grateful for a brilliant birthday. So many things have made it special. A good ending to The Walking Dead, lunch out, watching England win their world cup match, a delicious Indian takeaway, cake and of course all of the birthday gifts and wishes.

Day 326 of #365DaysOfGratitude 
Today I am grateful for quite a chilled day! I needed it after the excitement of the past few.

Day 327 of #365DaysOfGratitude 
Today I am grateful for beef stew cooked in the slow cooker. It was just what we needed in this cold weather.

Day 328 of #365DaysOfGratitude 
Today I am grateful for a hot chocolate made by Becky! She owes me, I think she's given me her cold.

Day 329 of #365DaysOfGratitude 
Today I am grateful for a dry day, blue sky and getting some washing out on the line.

Day 330 of #365DaysOfGratitude 
Today I am grateful for delicious doughnuts!

Day 331 of #365DaysOfGratitude 
Today I am grateful that the British public did the right thing and crowned Jill the Queen on the Jungle.

Day 332 of #365DaysOfGratitude 
Today I am grateful that we got the Christmas decorations up!

Day 333 of #365DaysOfGratitude 
Today I am grateful for cough sweets! This is the stupidest cold ever! A snotty nose for 2 days and then left with this tickly cough which is so annoying. From what I've heard loads of people have it at the moment. Ugh!

Day 334 of #365DaysOfGratitude 
Today I am grateful that it's payday which means I can pay the bills and see what we have left over for Christmas.

What were you grateful for in November?


  1. I'm impressed that you've made it so far this year with your daily grateful posts. You have a lot to be thankful for with your wonderful family. Wishing you a magical holiday!

  2. So many wonderful things to be thankful for in November. I really enjoyed reading your list. Those nice builders sound very kind and considerate